There is so much going on, all negative for liberals and Democrats, that it is challenging to limit discussion to those things that are most significant.

There has been a lot of discussion about Twitter and how Elon Musk may or may not buy it. But what really matters is that Twitter is in serious trouble because they made the same mistake liberals repeat over and over again. They assume that because they believe something, everyone else must believe the same thing. They are extremely unlikely to ever realize this reality, let alone admit it. But facts are stubborn things, and most people are not impressed with nonsense and see right through it.

Twitter blocked Donald Trump and celebrated but ignored the fact that Trump had 32.4 MILION followers. At least some of those followers buy things. If you ignore your target market because you don’t like Trump, don’t be surprised if you start losing money. Duh!

Netflix is learning the same thing. So is CNN. Now the executives at those companies remain oblivious and are still waiting for the rest of the world to catch up with their enlightened view of reality. But the people who have enough money to own stock in these organizations are increasingly unimpressed.

This reminds me of two studies done by Harvard University. These were part of the curriculum when I was working on my MBA. The first was a study called “Random Walk.” This did an analysis between the results obtained in the stock market by the professionals who studied this on a daily basis, with a program they called “Random Walk”. This was ridiculous. They had a student, blindfolded, throw darts at a board listing commonly traded stocks. They would then make purchase and sell decisions based on which stocks were hit by the dart. The reason for the blindfold was to make this as random as possible, since the person throwing the darts was blindfolded and was not allowed to see the stock board in advance.

Random Walk” routinely outperformed the market and the professional analysts. Luck, it seems prevailed over learned wisdom.

The other was a study that showed that the most common characteristic of incompetent people is they do not know they are incompetent. In fact, many of them believe they are exceptionally talented. When confronted with facts, showing that are wrong, they ignore these facts and continue believing they are right. This failure to recognize areas where improvement is necessary is what makes them incompetent. It is also what often makes them the very last person to realize they are incompetent.

If you look around today, you see many narcissistic people, unfortunately in positions of power, who are incompetent. Perhaps this has caused you to wonder why this is so obvious to you, but not obvious to others. Sometimes, this is because of motivation to ignore the obvious in exchange for access to power. For example, there were people who fawned over Hillary Clinton, even in cases where they actually despised her, because she held powerful positions, and some even hoped she would become President of the United States. But when she lost to Donald Trump, many of those people quickly walked away from her. But sometimes it is because these incompetent people have been evaluated by incompetent people forming a perfect circle of self-delusion. It resembles the very definition of insanity, where people keep doing the same thing, over and over again, expecting different results.

We see this happening regarding a lot of people, all at the same time. That includes the folks at Twitter, Netflix and even Disney. Just think about that. How on earth could anyone in a position of management at Disney fail to realize that families with children are the major source of their income. How could management at Netflix possibly believe that paying the Obama’s millions to produce expensive productions that few are willing to watch is a good idea?. How could Twitter think that banning someone (Donald Trump) with 32 million followers (some estimate 85 million) is a clever idea?

The answer was given above. Sometimes people who think they are brilliant are actually stupid. Sometimes other people, equally stupid, put them in positions of power. But truth always outs, and stupid people do stupid things with predictable results. All that twitters is not gold and sometimes is doesn’t actually twitter at all.