In December 1970 it snowed a lot. Donner Pass got 179 inches of snow. The people promoting global warming ignored the fact that this was a record and seized the day. They ignored historical patterns and assumed that since there has been less snow, since 1970, that this is irrefutable proof of global warming. Actually, it is only proof of ignoring history. Historical records show that sometimes it snows a lot and sometimes it doesn’t. When it snows a lot in one decade, the next decade tends to have less snow. It is important to understand that we don’t actually have good records regarding snowfall. It was only recently that someone started measuring the snow at the same time using the same equipment.  First, they started measuring by using a stick and then a snow board. So, the truth is we really don’t know how much snow there is now compared to the past. What we do know is this. Since 1900, there was a period during the 1920s and 1930s where there was less snow. There was a period during the 1960s and 1970s when there was more snow. Global warming alarmists like 1970, because they can say: “See, there has been a less snow ever since 1970.” They pretend the 1920s and 1930s didn’t happen.

Oops. It is now reported that, gasp, Donner Summit has more snow, as of today, than there was in 1970. December 2021 is officially the snowiest month on record at Donner Summit. In 1970, there was 179 inches of snow. So far, as of today, Donner Summit has already received 193.7 inches of snow and it could go over 200 inches.

They are already starting to release water, gasp, from Folsom Dam. Just this summer people were posting pictures of Folsom Lake and remarking about the lack of water. I am sure many of them thought this was proof of global warming. Today, not so much. But something else has changed, more than the weather. This time people are paying attention to who is managing the water. The obvious question is how much of the drought was the result of weather and how much was the result of the “whether.” Meaning whether or not to release water rather than save it for future dry periods. I personally think everyone involved should be required to read about Joseph and his advice to Pharoah.

So far, the weather pattern seems to be continuing. It probably depends on the Jet Stream. One thing is certain, if it looked like a warmer, drier winter, you would already know. In October 2020 forecasters were predicting worsening drought conditions, because of La Nina. Oops. What? La Nina. Don’t we have a La Nina this year too. Isn’t the La Nina supposed to bring warmer drier weather? What is going on here. The sad reality is that far too many forecasts and projections were based on politics rather than science. They wanted you to believe in global warming. They needed you to believe in global warming. So, everything that happened was considered proof of global warming, but they changed this to “climate change,” to prevent anyone from developing a false sense of security. That way anything that happens is equally dire.

But there is a problem. Although COVID locked a lot of people down and made them wear masks, the masks didn’t actually cover their eyes. People can see what is going on, and the only thing certain is that the politicians in charge are mucking things up. We put up with the masks, the lockdowns, the mandatory vaccines, the cancellations of sporting events because we were told this was necessary to stop COVID. But it didn’t work. COVID is still here, it is still spreading, and the thousands of people attending football games are obviously not the problem. The problem is that players, with no symptoms, are testing positive for COVID, so they can’t play. The primary risk to people attending games is disgust at the poor performance. Then, sleepy Joe accidentally told the truth, that he can’t possibly manage our way out of COVID.

For the record, there has been global warming, since around 1600. It started getting warmer long before the industrial revolution. So, what changed? Easy, the Sun. You see in the 1600s they had what is called the Maunder Minimum.

Maunder Minimum – Wikipedia

The Maunder Minimum, also known as the “prolonged sunspot minimum”, was a period around 1645 to 1715 during which sunspots became exceedingly rare. During a 28-year period (1672–1699) within the minimum, observations revealed fewer than 50 sunspots. This contrasts with the typical 40,000–50,000 sunspots seen in modern times over a similar timespan.

So perhaps people should reflect on Solar Cycle 25. What? Solar Cycle 25. What is that? It this some new kind of exercise bike? No, actually it is all too real.

Solar cycle 25 – Wikipedia

Note one prediction is of a slow slide to a Maunder minimum like state. The truth is no one knows. What we do know is this. God has a lot more impact on things than anything done by mortal man. The best made plans of mice and men like Al Gore can disappear overnight if God is not amused. I certainly don’t speak for God, but he doesn’t seem to be amused. Only one thing is sure. We have a lot of snow on Donner Summit, and it won’t necessarily go away anytime soon. What will go away, thankfully, is the current class of leadership. We may not know how to fix all this, but we sure know who has created more problems than solutions.