Prior to and following the 2020 election, Nancy Pelosi was questioning whether Donald Trump was fit to be Commander in Chief. She apparently was terrified that Trump literally wanted to nuke China. I have seen no evidence that Trump even considered this. In fact, Trump stopped the military from launching an attack against Iran because of the alleged shootdown of a U.S. drone. If anything, the U.S. Military complained loudly about what Trump would not authorize, not that he was threatening everyone.

Yet, incredibly, the Washington Post is reporting that twice, during the final months of the Trump administration, Gen Mark A. Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, told General Li Zuoncheng of China that the U.S. would not strike and if they did, he would warn them. Milley has no confirmed this. He is proud of this.

The person who created the crisis was not Trump, it was Nancy Pelosi. She said she wanted to wrest control of America’s nuclear arsenal away from the President, who she described as unhinged. I personally would be a lot more concerned about having someone like Nancy Pelosi in charge of the Nuclear Arsenal.

In response to this, General Milley told Pelosi that Trump had the sole authority. But then Milley apparently took it on himself to bypass the President and communicate directly with China.

Bob Woodward is reporting on this. I wonder if he realizes that he is discussing treason at the very highest level of the deep state. No one is alleging that Trump had any plans to attack anyone. Even Milley does not claim that. In fact, Milley admitted that when he said: “The American Government is stable and everything is going to be ok.”

But it was far from ok, because it is clear that General Milley felt that he, and not President Trump was in charge. He allegedly told military commanders that he, not President Trump would need to approve any order. Not only that, but he also never even told President Trump about that phone call. That is unacceptable. It is literally tantamount to treason.

In this case, Milley felt that he was the adult in the room, but what if you had a General who thought we should re-invade Afghanistan. Just look at what has already happened in Afghanistan. Biden clearly overruled the Deep State, with disastrous results. Just this week Biden was speaking when someone literally cut off his microphone. Obviously, someone felt compelled and authorized to silence the President of the United States. While anyone watching Biden, who is showing signs of dementia, should be concerned about him making these kind of decisions, the solution is not to change one of the most fundamental safeguards in our constitution. If the President is not up to the job, the 25th Amendment provides a solution. That solution does not include Nancy Pelosi asking for the nuclear codes and it does not include General Milley ignoring the constitution. It does not include someone deciding when and where Joe Biden can speak. If Milley really thought Trump was unhinged, he should have followed channels and notified Vice President Pence and the cabinet. He did not do that. He just chose to bypass Trump.

I have seen zero evidence that Donald Trump intended to attack anyone. There is no doubt that he is angry, with cause, about what he still considers to be a stolen election, but no one suggests he was unhinged and about to launch nuclear weapons. So, if China got that perception, what was the source of that? At least part of this was because of completely irresponsible comments by Nancy Pelosi and by equally irresponsible reporting in the MSM. This is not only wrong, but also extremely dangerous. What would have happened if China really believed that Trump would launch an unprovoked nuclear attack? Would they just ignore that? This is exactly the kind of situation where an accidental nuclear war is possible. Perhaps even worse would be if a country felt they could attack us with a nuclear weapon, and we would be unwilling or unable to respond?

We now have a full-fledged constitutional crisis on our hands and a lot of people, in both parties, better realize that. We will soon learn if there are any Democrats who are willing to consider putting national security first ahead of party politics. Regardless of the reasoning involved, General Milley effectively conducted a military coup. There is no other possible explanation when the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff decides he has the authority to by-pass the President of the United States. There is a reason the President and only the President has the nuclear codes. If there is an issue, the second in Command is not the Secretary of State or the Secretary of Defense, it is the Vice President. Did anyone even discuss this with the only possible alternative to Trump, Mike Pence. Did anyone even hint that Mike Pence is delusional?

A President may need to make that kind of horrible decision some day, without a lot of notice. There won’t be time for congressional hearings. Failure to respond could result in irreversible catastrophe. We now have proof that the Deep State exists and that it considers itself all powerful. The good news is that General Milley wasn’t determined to attack anyone. The bad news is that a future Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff may have a very different view. General McArthur wanted to attack China during the Korean War. Yet when Truman fired him, McArthur accepted that decision. That is because even though McArthur thought Truman was wrong, he respected the fact that the constitution gives that power to the President of the United States, not the military. There were numerous times when Eisenhower strongly disagreed with FDR with regard to political decisions, but he accepted the constitutional authority given to FDR.

There are always people who disagree on almost every subject. One of the things that keeps us safe is separation of power and civilian control over the military. If General McClellan had refused to accept the constitutional authority of Abraham Lincoln, he would have ended the civil war by negotiating with the South. He did not do that, instead he ran for President on a platform recommending exactly that. Fortunately, for everyone, he lost that election. That is why we have elections. That is why we elect a President. That is why the military reports to him and not vice versa. It is why we have the 25th Amendment. It is why no political party should have even considered nominating someone as obviously incapable as Joe Biden to be President of the United States.

It used to be that neither party would consider nominating someone clearly incapable of being President. Sadly, those days are gone. It is why we have an immediate and serious constitutional crisis. The crisis is compounded by irresponsible reporting that routinely accused President Trump of being mentally unstable and falsely claimed that Trump was lying about almost everything. The same MSM that is overtly covering up the obvious problems with Joe Biden. It is Biden who tells ridiculous, easily debunked lies. It is Biden who shows signs of irrational rage.

Based on what I am seeing come across on social media etc., I really think this is about to explode. The outrage may not be limited to Republicans. We are in serious trouble if this is limited to Republicans. Democrats should be equally concerned about this. One thing that appears to be consistent in both parties is anger over conducting a 20 year war in Afghanistan only to suffer a humiliating defeat. While some blame Bush, some blame Obama, some blame Trump and some will blame Biden, no one is happy with this result. No one is pretending this is even close to acceptable. At least some of that blame should fall squarely on the shoulders of the Deep State.

I cannot possibly predict this. We have never seen anything like this. Perhaps the closest was when Truman fired McArthur. McArthur resigned and famously gave a speech to a joint session of congress. He harshly criticized the decisions made by Truman, but he also recognized that Truman had the authority to make those decisions. He ended by saying:

“I now close my military career and just fade way, an old solider who tried to do his duty as God gave him the light to see that duty. Good Bye.”

While many people believed and still believe that McArthur was right about what needed to be done, no one suggested a military coup. No one proposed leaving such decisions up to the military. McArthur understood that. Milley, not so much. Ironically, he may just may have accidentally provided the wakeup call needed regarding the usurpation of power by the deep state. General Milley has stupidly verified some of our worst fears. Now he is even admitting it and pretending he did the right thing. He does not realize that hating Donald Trump does not actually trump the Constitution of the United States. Now the question is whether any Democrat will rise to the challenge and do the right thing for the right reason.

In the ultimte irony, people like Milley are simultaneous demanding people follow the chain of command, while themselves being deliberately insubordinate. We can be certain that at least some military commanders have figured this out and they will not keep silent. One of the most despicable people out there is Lt. Colonel Vindman who literally gave highly questionable testimony designed to get Trump impeached and removed from office. But even Vindman is outraged by this and is openly demanding that General Mark Milley must resign. Vindman tried to misuse the constitution, but at least he realized that the constitution matters.


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