The recall election regarding Governor Gavin Newsom was officially set for yesterday, September 14, 2021. But in reality, the election was decided long before then. As soon as the polls closed, reports started to come in from about 8 million votes that had been submitted before September 14th. Although there were reports of long lines on election day, in reality this was an exercise in futility. The results were cast in stone before the first voting booths opened yesterday.

Yet, there are still close to 30% of votes that have not been counted. As of 9:00 a.m. ET today, there were 5,840,283 votes against the recall and 3,297,145 for the recall. This was estimated to be 70% of the “expected” vote. The Secretary of State is saying the election won’t be certified for quite some time, perhaps 30 days. The state mailed out over 22 million ballots. This means they are expecting final voter turnout to be about 59% of eligible voters. 46.5% of voters are registered Democrats, 24.1 % are Republicans and 23.3% are “decline to state.” This means there are about 10 million people registered as Democrats, about 5 million registered as Republicans and another 5 million independents. So far, the vote against the recall is officially just under 6 million votes, or about 60% of registered Democrats. The yes vote is 3,297,145, which is about 32% of the Republicans and Independents. This means either a lot of Republicans and Independents voted against the recall, or something is really wrong. This should be obvious to anyone paying attention, but odds are no one in the MSM will even notice. There is a big difference between having wide-spread public support and creating the illusion of wide-spread public support.

The only thing clear is that this is a pathetic way to run an election. In some cases, the state even allowed people to print their own ballots. Some call it a recipe for fraud, and that seems accurate, but honest or not it is definitely a recipe for incompetence. This is the same government that paid millions in EDD benefits to people literally in prison.

However, Democrats may have made a huge mistake by defeating the recall. If Newsom had been recalled and replaced by Elder, the results for the average citizen would be about the same. Taxes would still be high and Elder would be powerless to change that. Gas prices would still skyrocket, and he couldn’t change that either. The homeless problem would not go away. Inflation would not go away. Elder would have faced a hostile Democratic legislature that would have made it difficult for him to accomplish anything. He would have been inundated with lawsuits. The MSM would have attacked him relentlessly. If you doubt that, remember they literally accused him of being a racist, because he is black but not liberal.

Democrats have successfully beat the recall, they are in total control. They won. That sounds great until you realize they also own the results, and the results are guaranteed to be bad. This is exactly how socialists have gained and lost power everywhere in the world this has been tried. It will happen again, right here, in Blue California. Yes, it will be bad, but Democrats will own it. The only way socialists remain in power is through the exercise of brute force, like in Venezuela. Here, fortunately, the military and the police will not go along with that. While Democrats are singing “Happy Days Are Here Again” the opposite is true. No one is going to be happy about the huge mess they are creating. They have reached their peak and the only possible direction available to them is down. Way down.



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