Just this week Fox News and other media outlets ran a story explaining why Ritz crackers have ridged edges. The explanation was that this made it possible to use the cracker to cut cheese, if no knife was available. Shannon Bream had one of her reporters test it out, and yup, it kinda sorta does let one cut cheese with a Ritz cracker. Perhaps Shannon Bream gave the best response ever when she said: “How could anyone be alive on this planet, this long, and not know that?” It does, in retrospect seem pretty obvious. It also seems impossible to understand why no one bothered to even ask the question before now. Strange.

Last year was strange. This year is turning out to be stranger. It is increasingly difficult to separate facts from fiction. It is impossible for those who rely on the unreliable MSM. Now we have the President of the United States saying that people are dying because of “misinformation” spread on social media. This is because, gasp, we are still short of 70% of people getting the COVID 19 vaccine. Now, if you believe the MSM, COVID 19 is back, in the worst possible form, and likely to kill everyone. Anyone who disagrees with this is spreading not just “misinformation,” but also “dangerous misinformation.”

So, I did a little research to find some of that “dangerous misinformation.” So far, I have seen reports of people getting sick from the vaccine itself. That appears to be accurate. Probably more accurate than the exaggerated hospitalization and death reports regarding COVID 19, with one exception. Elderly people in nursing homes did die from COVID 19 at alarming rates. This appears to have happened primarily in Blue States where Democratic Governors ordered patients in these facilities, who tested positive for COVID, sent back to the facility. The reason for this is obvious. When the state is paying for your health care, it feels it has the right to decide when and how that health care is delivered. They didn’t consider these elderly patients worth the cost. The result was that thousands of them died unnecessarily. But, if you point that out, you are probably guilty of spreading “misinformation.

I now realize the real problem is that we have been misspelling this. It is not “misinformation” which implies that data is incorrect, it is “miss information” which means it strays from the required narrative. Anything that causes someone to draw the wrong conclusions is “miss information.” How date anyone challenge the reporting by the MSM or the rants coming from the White House? Are we to believe that these people are mere mortals, capable of error? Perish the thought. If Joe Biden says the Texas Voter ID law is racist, then it is racist, whether it is racist or not. If he says the rapid increases in the cost of gas is due to climate change, then it is due to climate change. Cancelling pipelines and blocking people from drilling for oil is not possibly a factor.  If Joe Biden says paying people more on unemployment is not discouraging them from working, then it is not discouraging them from working, even if they say it is discouraging them from working. Pointing out the obvious problem with this reasoning is “miss information” and while technically accurate is socially unacceptable.

The audit in Arizona has already found 73,000 ballot received but never sent out in the first place. CNN issued a scathing response saying that this could just be a case of missing paperwork. How could anyone possible consider this to be suspicious? Some would point out that having 73,000 ballots with no supporting paperwork is a problem, but that also would be “miss information.” Any information that creates a potential that Donald Trump was right when he says the election was stolen is by definition “miss information.” Anyone who dares suggest that it is increasingly hard to believe that 84 million people voted for someone as obvious inept and extremely radical as Joe Biden is not only spreading “miss information” but also spreading dangerous “miss information.” The next thing you know people will start asking hard questions about how anyone can have confidence is an election system that was at best completely disorganized. That would be so unacceptable, because it would cause people who wonder what or more specifically who decided it was a good idea to put someone like Joe Biden in the White House. Nothing could be more dangerous than that. Why, gasp, some of these people might even vote for Republicans, without understanding that the Republican Party is the Party of White Supremacy. That it is the price of “miss information” and if Republicans, not Democrats, are put in power we might return to the problems created by Donald Trump, like low interest rates, a soaring economy, a decreasing trade deficit and gasp, low unemployment for everyone, particularly minorities. It might confuse people into making very poor decisions regarding who is and who is not their real friends. That, of course, would be the ultimate tragedy. The only solution is to clamp down, once and for all, and eliminate “miss information.”


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