Did you fill up your car with gas for the 4th of July. I bet you experienced long lines and shocking prices. Gas is now over $4 per gallon here in California. It is rising rapidly, everywhere. It is also impacting people more than you can imagine. It may surprise you to learn that gas stations are not thrilled over the increase in price. The amount they make does not increase much if at all. Most of it goes to taxes and the oil companies. Many gas stations make more from the convenience store attached than they do from selling gas. When people are angry at gas prices, that also stops them from buying things inside. No winners here!

Here in sunny California gas taxes go up on July 1st, again. California already has the highest tax rate in the country at 62.47 cents per gallon. In addition, because our gas is different than from other states, it is always higher.  California cities, particularly LA, were built on the theory that everyone loves driving their car. So, we have more cars driving more places. It all adds up to a higher cost per gallon. California gas is always higher than almost anywhere else.

We were promised that these gas taxes would all be used to, you guessed it, rebuild infrastructure. That would be the same infrastructure on which Joe Biden wants to spend another $6 trillion. This of course is to complete all the shovel ready jobs promised by Obama. While Biden and Newsom are dreaming of a bright future where everyone drives electric cars powered by sunflower seeds and hot air, the reality is that most cars need gas. You don’t have to be an economist to realize that everyone is impacted by higher gas prices. No one is celebrating. Neither BLM nor Antifa have marches scheduled to celebrate higher gas prices. Instead, Democrats with the help of their allies in the press will try to blame this, on Donald Trump, or at least those nasty Republicans who won’t vote for Democratic spending bills. They are already trying, and failing, to blame Republicans for the defund the police movement. I doubt that anyone is buying that nonsense.

What we are buying is gas, lots of gas, and it means everyone gets a little angrier every time they fill up their car. If I were running for Governor of California to replace Gavin Newsom, I would be running the same ad, over and over again. I would have a video of someone approaching a gas station, with a line about a mile long,  and over head would be a sign blinking with a new price every 10 seconds starting at $10. Then I would say, “Thanks Gavin, nice work!” Then I show a picture of people filling up their cars wearing a mask. “Thanks Gavin, Nice work.” The I would show a picture of some rich guy driving by in this Tesla waving a sign that says: “Thanks Gavin, Nice Work!”

There are a lot of things coming together, all bad for Democrats. People are sick of masks. They are sick of being Woke. They are sick of transgender males competing against females. Has anyone wondered why there are no transgender females completing with males? They are sick of people calling for defunding the police while they live in their gated communities guarded by armed private security. They are sick of being lied to, about Russian Collusion, about COVID, about masks, about the 2020 election, about almost everything. In the meantime, police are retiring or just quitting in droves. Few are showing up to replace them. Crime is skyrocketing. Cities with the most gun control have the least control of guns. LeBron James “woke” the NBA, resulting in a massive turnoff of viewers. When his team was eliminated, ratings immediate shot back up.

The difference this time is that everyone is unified on one and only one subject. No one thinks things are going well. They differ strongly on who to blame, but not one likes this. And in case they start to feel better, they are reminded whenever they buy anything. It isn’t just the cost of gas that is going up, it is everything. In the meantime, Joe is getting worse by the minute. Today he leaned into the microphone and whispered again. We are not sure why. He remembered being at Proterra’s Bus Factory, in person, but he never actually went there. Then he repeated the story about Amtrak Conductor Angelo Negri. A story so obviously false that it is laughable. Angelo retired in 1993 over 22 years before the date Biden remembers so well.

So here we are. Joe is deteriorating before our eyes and Kamala Harris looks even worse. She botched the border trip so bad that even the MSM noticed. People are shredding their masks and good luck with trying to get them to put them on again. And now, when after a year, we can finally go somewhere and do something, we can’t afford it because we don’t have a job and gas is too expensive.

The entire Democratic agenda is going up like a gas balloon, a gas balloon that is destined to totally run out of gas, with disastrous results. The only solution they ever consider is spending more of your money. I used to joke that when a store asks if you want “cash back” they are talking about “your own cash.” They aren’t “giving” you anything. Sometimes I think Democratic Governors in blue states hope that no one notices they are always spending other people’s money. If you pay taxes, they are spending your money.

In the meantime, where are all those leaders in the DNC, who will arise out of the ashes to find a way forward. Anyone one? Anywhere? AOC? Ilhan Omar? Anyone one? Perhaps one of those Blue State Governors. Oh, on second thought, maybe not. Oh, over there, the guy wearing two masks while drinking coffee through a straw. That is exactly the kind of leadership we want and need. Good luck with that!

The only thing certain is that everything is going up, faster than you think, with one exception. The exception is any hope of Democrats finding a way out of the mess they created. Did you notice that Biden even attacked Iran militia in Syria? I am sure Joe has them terrified. “Wag the Dog anyone?” Oops, that was a movie, and it didn’t work then either.