Establishment Democrats had to know Joe Biden was not up to the job. Joe Biden has never been up to the job and his senility is becoming more evident by the day.  This was obvious long before the 2020 election. But they convinced themselves that anything or anyone was better than Donald Trump. Plus, they considered Joe to be nothing more or less than a placeholder. Someone they could “manage.”  But they managed to both underestimate and overestimate Joe Biden at the same time. I doubt anyone in the Democratic establishment expected much from Joe. He was put there as a place holder, so that wiser, more competent heads could run the show. Joe is being managed by others, they are just not part of the Democratic establishment.

While Joe has not exactly been in the lead, neither are they. He appears to be marching to the beat of invisible and incompetent drummers, totally out of step not only with the rest of the country, but with the Democratic establishment. Smart establishment Democrats only want their leader to say insane things in order to get elected. They don’t really want the same insanity to continue when a candidate is successfully elected to office.  They only want someone who gives the usual suspects enough encouragement to keep them quiet, while never giving way to policies they all agree would be disastrous.

They are now caught in a trap, designed by themselves, from which there is no apparent exit. If they admit Joe was never up to the job, they cannot defend choosing him as their nominee. The same thing is true for the MSM. They openly campaigned to defeat Trump, resulting in the election, of well, Joe. This was never going to end well. They should have known that. Secretly, they probably did know that, but they were blinded by their hatred of Donald Trump who was living rent-free in their collective heads.

Joe has been surprisingly effective, at mucking things up. His executive orders border on insanity. But no matter how bad Joe performs, Kamala Harris is guaranteed to be worse. It is increasingly clear that even Democrats have zero interest in her becoming President of the United States. If anything, they are more appalled by her performance than Joe’s

The problem is that Joe isn’t capable of playing the game, any game, and his backup is batting zero. If Kamala Harris were close to acceptable, they would already be working on a convenient illness where Joe could reluctantly hand over the reins in a dignified matter. But he would be handing them over to someone who is likely to giggle and cackle while accepting them. Then proceed on a path to destruction that makes Joe look good in comparison.

There are numerous reports that Jill Biden despises Kamala Harris. Nurse Jill is not going to willingly give over the reins of control to someone she despises. The result is that there is no exit strategy, there isn’t even an emergency exit strategy. Instead, the only option, equally unacceptable, is to sit back and watch this unfold in real-time, getting worse every week if not every day. In the meantime, when Kamala does briefly surface, on her way to her home in California, she instantly reminds EVERYONE why she would be even worse.

Remember this, the only reason Democrats chose Joe was that they thought he was the only alternative to Bernie Sanders. They feared, with justification, that Bernie could lose by an unprecedented landslide. While Bernie has his legion of people insanely shrieking his praise, there were never enough of them. The one things Democrats fear the most is losing. So, they did the unthinkable, they united behind Joe Biden.

Then, to make things worse, they put Joe and themselves in a pickle by insisting he choose a woman of color as his VP. Incredibly, Kamala was far and away the best available option meeting those criteria. Just think about this for a moment and allow yourself a brief smile. Joe, who is just plain awful, was still better than all the other DNC candidates for President. Kamala Harris, who finished last among the other DNC candidates for President, was still better than the other options available once the choice was limited to a woman of color. This means that as bad as these two clowns are, they are still the cream of the DNC crop. There is absolutely no Democrat, even close to the horizon, who offers even a faint hope of turning things around. That is because the Democratic Party sold its soul, assuming it ever had one, to the progressive left and are left with only skeletons barely resembling a real human being.

It is nothing more or less than the slum of all fears.


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