No one knows the full results of the Arizona Audit. What we do know is that representatives from Georgia, Alaska and Colorado have toured the Arizona audit site. There are reports that other states are also planning visits. The $24,000 question is why? We already know some things that are important. One is that this audit is very different from the traditional, worthless audits done elsewhere. Another is that someone is spending a lot of time and money on this. In addition, it is obvious that this is being done under very tight security. They are also very careful to document everything they do. A remarkable contrast with how the election was handled.

There appear to have been zero leaks regarding results. There is always a reason for that. For example: prosecutors seldom leak results until they are ready to announce indictments. This is because they are only interested in gaining a conviction, not publicity. Real investigations work that way. Publicity stunt investigations leak all the time. For example, contrast this with the Russia Collusion probe. Remember all the times Trump was on the verge of being kicked out of office? Remember all those CNN reporters with hushed breath saying, “this is it” They had nothing. They have nothing. They never will have anything.

So, we are either due for the second coming of Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone’s vault, and finding nothing, or this will go off like a bomb. You might recall that Geraldo was so sure they would find something that a medical examiner was on site in case they found human remains. The only remains they found were the shreds of Geraldo’s massive ego exposed on national television. If that happens, then this all goes away in a flash with the only lingering effect a lot of red faces. But this time they aren’t opening the wall to a room where no one knows what is on the other side. At least some people know exactly what they found. Those people are not talking, but they are inviting others to come in and watch the process.  They are either stupidly showcasing stupidity, or they have found something substantial.

We should point out that Joe Biden only won Arizona by 10,457 votes. So, it wouldn’t take a lot of disqualified votes to change things. One thing that has leaked is that Arizona had over 21,000 “Federal Only Voters.” A federal only voter is one who has provided no proof of citizenship. Some question if they even exist. All they need is a bank statement to get a ballot. Ironically, they apparently cannot vote in a state or local election but can still cast a ballot for President of the United States. Does that really make sense to anyone?

Proof of Citizenship Requirements | Arizona Secretary of State (azsos.gov)

Federal only voters may use the Federal Voter Registration form, available here:

National Voter Registration Application Form for U.S. Citizens (ENG) (eac.gov)

Note this is not a state form it is a national form. You don’t need to provide any evidence of citizenship; you just need to check yes when asked: “Are you a citizen of the United States?”  No one would ever lie about that, course not!

They are apparently close to being done. They have only announced when they will release results. The same MSM that accepted ludicrous election results, with enormous flaws, have tried to discredit the audit before it was done.  Many articles in the MSM start with saying this is a continuation of President Trump’s baseless claims of a stolen 2020 election. In other words, they have determined the outcome before they knew anything about the process or the results.

“Democrats and elections experts have expressed grave concern about the audit, arguing in particular that the process has so far lacked transparency and warning that partisan elected officials may be sacrificing accuracy and security in favor of speed and political convenience.”

Actually, this appears to be a very transparent process, where they are documenting everything. What they aren’t doing is leaking information about what has been found.

One will note that the same MSM reporters totally ignored issues like transparency during the 2020 election, even though the results in some states defy all logic and common sense.

There is no doubt that the people doing the audit are looking for election fraud. That is the whole point. If there were no questions, there would be no need for an audit. I doubt that anyone, including liberal Democrats, really think that the type of election audits done routinely accomplish much. They just basically check the totals already submitted. This audit is very different, because they are looking at every ballot. We will soon know the results. We can be sure if they found a lot of fraudulent ballots that they will document this very carefully. They must know that any results would be poo pooed or ignored by the MSM and are almost certainly prepared to defend their report. But the real audience is the American people and those delegations from other states. All it takes is one audit to provide significant evidence that the 2020 election was rigged and that will change everything. Many states are already planning similar audits. If that happens, this will be the summer of our discontent, or rather the summer of hand audits.

In the meantime, they are spending a lot of time and energy drilling for oil, or in this case, oily election results. Sometimes, drilling for oil you do find a gusher.


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