For over four years a lot of people, including too many Republicans, really believed that getting rid of Donald Trump would solve all problems. They were so desperate to get rid of Donald Trump that they failed to consider the cost of the alternative. Trump was hardly a saint and many of the criticisms were valid. But Joe Biden is an absolute train wreck and that is increasingly impossible to ignore.

The massive lies about COVID 19 are obvious. Those who forced themselves to believe, because the alternative was believing Trump, are now confronted with a brutal dose of reality. Trump was right, Fauci was wrong. The science was wrong. The evidence is overwhelming.

Unless Republicans are truly delusional and wasting millions on the audits in places like Arizona and Georgia, then there is another brutal wave of truth about to descend on the American public.  A lot of people, who should have known better, have convinced themselves that Trump was lying about the election, because he could not handle defeat. They considered him to be rude, ignorant, and ill mannered. They not only considered him incapable of being President of the United States, but they also convinced themselves that he was dangerous. They really believed that millions of people were tricked into supporting him. Imagine the heartburn they will experience if irrefutable evidence is presented proving that the election was rigged. We have not seen that evidence yet, but some who have are impressed. They are either hopelessly delusional, or the evidence is there.

I personally think they will find substantial evidence of election fraud for a several reasons. One is that the changes implemented, illegally, by Democrats sure appear to be designed to facilitate fraud. They defy common sense. Another is all those late night ballot drops, overwhelmingly for Joe Biden, all taking places in Democratic strong holds famous for systemic election fraud.

Anyone who has watched a Trump rally realizes that the people attending are not mindless zombies. They look and act a lot like middle America. CNN would like you to think they are all secret and delusional members of QAnon. This has caused them to totally underestimate one simple fact. Trump didn’t tell people what to believe, he merely gave voice to what they already believed. The only cult he established was the cult of common sense. The cult of paying attention to average Americans. I suspect that many people, who would never consider going to a Trump rally, would be surprised to learn that those who did and will attend are a lot like them. But the primary reason I believe we will find substantial evidence of election fraud is that the hardest thing to believe is that 84 million people really voted for Joe Biden.

The MSM is desperately trying to avoid this. Incredibly, they are still trying to pretend the January 6, 2021, protest was a violent armed insurrection. That is a joke. Now there are even videos that show more violent over-reaction by Capitol Police than armed protestors. There are other videos where other Capitol Police were literally welcoming people into the Capitol. The truth about this event is becoming increasingly difficult to suppress and those, like Liz Cheney, who thought this really was an insurrection will be extremely embarrassed, if they are capable of such self-reflection.

The point being that we are going to see some serious climate change this summer, and it will have nothing to do with C02 levels. While temperatures will rise, as they do every summer, that is not the climate change that matters. The real climate change is that the MSM is finding it increasingly difficult to sell their agenda. A lot of things they have been reporting are not only false, but they are also absurd. The originals of COVID 19 is just one example. The emails, only released because of an FOIA request regarding Dr. Fauci are devastating. One wonders if even Joe Biden will notice, at some point.

The news media desperately wants to believe that the Biden Administration is competent, but the opposite is true. Yesterday Joe forgot to mention D-Day. Wow!

A lot of things are moving rapidly and all in the wrong direction. The unemployment numbers were horrible. The Biden administration tried to spin them as good news, but I doubt even the MSM is buying that. Gas prices are going up, the cost of food is going up, the cost of automobiles is going up, there are already shortages of almost everything. Cyber criminals are shutting down critical infrastructure and getting paid ransoms.  The GAO has been warning about the risk from cyberattack for years. If you think the Texas power failure because of the freezing weather was bad, just have the California grid go down during a heat wave. This is happening at the same time Joe is talking about forcing everyone to go totally electric. Yesterday, Jennifer Granholm admitted to Jake Tapper than our power grids are vulnerable:

Energy secretary: Enemies are capable of shutting down power grid (

Granholm warned of the system’s vulnerabilities — amid an uptick of ransomware sieges — on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“Yeah, they do,” Granholm told host Jake Tapper when asked if foreign actors have the ability to make the power grid go dark.

“There are very malign actors who are trying, even as we speak,” she explained. “There are thousands of attacks on all aspects of the energy sector and the private sector generally.”

It was insane for her to say this, even if it is true. It is literally inviting an attack. Then she bragged about the Biden Administration’s effort to combat cyberattacks. Does anyone really believe that? Way to go Joe. This is working SO well. Joe has been issuing executive orders, we can all go back to bed now.

I few years ago I was caught in the East Coast blackout. I spent 36 hours at JFK International. We got kicked out of the terminal and were all hanging out in the baggage area. The only food came from a food truck that sold out in about five minutes. After about 20 hours the bathrooms started to back up. Eventually I found three friends from SF, and we pooled enough resources to bribe a van operator into driving us to Philadelphia. Trust me, everyone involved was beyond angry.

Now imagine a major power failure, in California, just before the Newsom recall election which may happen sooner than November. Good luck with that Gavin. Perhaps that may be one reason he is desperately clinging to his emergency powers.

The only thing certain is that things are going to change, but nothing is going to get better. A lot of things are going to get worse and blaming Donald Trump is so yesterday. CNN is bleeding viewers. If they don’t turn this around, and soon, they will either go out of business or get sold to somebody at bargain prices. Anyone buying CNN will clean house immediately. Ultimately, failure is its own reward. We will see a lot of very angry people, but it won’t be limited to Antifa or BLM professional protestors. These people won’t riot and burn things down. But they are burning up with anger toward those who not only let this happen, but they are also still trying to pretend everything is coming up roses. Think about this, and smile. This nonsense is about to be grounded, permanently.

Climate change is already here. If you pay attention, you can see it all around you. The political climate in this country is moving at an unprecedented pace. While you are putting up with the nonsense, take a brief pause and smile. The people who will pay the highest price are those who made this possible.


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