Governor Newsom has now announced that as early as June 15, 2021, he may end all mask requirements. Congratulations. He has figured out what the Governors of Georgia and South Dakota knew in March of 2020. Remember the 400,000 people who gathered in Sturgis, not wearing masks. Remember how that turned into a super spreader event? What? You don’t remember? That is because while the event was held, the super spreader event is still on hold. He figured out what the Governors of Florida, Texas and other states realized months ago. He figured out what Dr. Fauci knew over a year ago, before he developed amnesia, and then miraculous remembered this week. Masks, that are not intended for medical purposes, are not intended for medical purposes. That is because they serve no medical purpose. That includes preventing the spread of Covid 19. Oh, there will still be true believers, there are always true believers. There will just be a whole lot less of them.

Once again, Newsom is billions of dollars short and about a year late. The CDC just announced that people who are fully vaccinated no longer need to wear a mask. Indoors or outdoors. Oh, they tried to keep exceptions for large crowds and planes, but this is so over. Starting tonight, heck starting this afternoon, you can go in any place you want, without wearing a mask. Wait, you say? What if I am not vaccinated? Well, what is a business owner supposed to do. Demand to see your vaccination card. That, friends, is a violation of privacy. Good luck with that. Business owners who did not want to fight back against the mask mandate will not want to fight back against the no mask mandate.

The masks did work, they made it easy for government to control our lives. They made it possible for Democrats to steal a general election with massive mail-in fraud (excuse me) “voting.” Despite the lack of reporting by the MSM, numerous courts have ruled that these changes to our election law were and are unconstitutional. They just didn’t see the need to stop a fraudulent election. To them it was more important to have the electoral college vote and make Joe Biden President of the United States. What could possibly go wrong?

Now we know the answer to that question. Just about everything. If you doubt that, name one thing that has improved under the leadership of Chairman Joe. Are race relations better? Is the economy doing better? Is he handling immigration better? Is violence and crime under control? Is our spending under control? Is there peace in the Middle East? Is there peace anywhere? Are gas prices higher or lower? Are food prices higher or lower? Are building supply prices higher or lower? Has there been an improvement in the tone of politics?  All Joe has brought us is chaos, inflation, and war. Nice work that.

There is a reason the CDC made this announcement today. They had no choice. This was their last chance to pretend they matter. It is an act of desperation.

Look around you, the masks are coming off as we speak. The first thing you will notice are all the smiling faces all around you. But soon, you will notice something else. A whole new class of “woke” people. People who are confronted with the reality that Joe Biden is an absolute disaster as a President. That putting Progressives in charge has resulted in change no one can tolerate. Everyone is angry. Everything is worse. There isn’t even hope of things getting better. Today Pete Buttigieg was on CNBC and they literally laughed at him. For four years all that was necessary for a good laugh was to trash Trump. Well Trump is gone and while a lot of people hated him, they loved the way things were going when he was in charge. Soon and very soon, the MSM will start trashing Biden. Not because they want to or even because it is fair, but because some people are not happy unless they are unhappy, and Joe absolutely is the target of opportunity. But don’t be surprised if the attacks on Biden are even worse than what happened to Trump. The reason is that the anti-Trumpers always hated Trump. They didn’t expect good results. But these clowns seriously thought that electing Joe Biden was a good thing. We are soon going to see a nationwide case of buyer’s remorse. Those who do not understand this will pay a very high price. No one more than Liz Cheney.

The dam has been breached. The Genie is out of the bottle. Use whatever analogy you prefer. This is so over. Freedom is the most contagious disease in the history of the world and once Americans taste it once more, things will never be the same.

Joe, Joe, he’s our man, everything’s going according to plan. That is exactly the problem. The plan sucks. This summer will be a nationwide no mask parade party. Enjoy.


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