Something is happening here. There are subtle signs that things are about to change. Everyone already knew the border crisis is about to explode. We all know about the debt ceiling crisis, runaway inflation, and tough economic times. Joe Biden’s approval ratings are in the tank. His mental decline is becoming even more obvious. Yet there is no prominent Democrat on the horizon to replace him. Joe Manchin is hinting at a run, but he is in deep trouble in his home state of West Virginia, and one questions whether the left wing of the Democratic Party would tolerate him.

But two things, possibly related, have the potential to cause this situation to become white hot. One is the Durham Report, which the MSM is trying and failing to ignore. The problem is that Durham documented his facts, and they are a scathing rebuke of the DOJ, the FBI, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the senior members of our intelligence community.

Durham proved that not only did the FBI never have enough information to justify investigating Trump regarding the Russian Collision myth, but that this was set up by Hillary Clinton, that this was briefed to Joe Biden and Barack Obama, and the senior members of the intelligence community just saluted and joined in the purely partisan witch hunt.

That is a stunning rebuke that cannot and will not be safely overlooked. Now add in the IRS apparently closing in on Hunter Biden, having a Whistleblower expose the IRS for dragging its feet on this with the result that the Whistleblower and his entire team was fired by the DOJ. You can’t make something like this up.

Saturday Night Massacre – Wikipedia

It instantly reminded me of when Richard Nixon ordered Attorney General Elliot Richard to fire Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox. Richardson refused and immediately resigned. Then Nixon appointed Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus only to him also refuse and resign. Then Nixon appointed Solicitor General Robert Bork, who did the deed. Nixon never recovered and impeachment proceedings began ten days later.

We sometimes become so focused on the names we know and naively assume that there are no honorable people left. There are numerous reports of Whistleblowers who started to emerge as soon as Republicans took over the House. We are highly likely to learn about other honorable men and women who have watched this nonsense, who were appalled, but who were not in a position to do anything about it. That has suddenly changed. We are all aware of how the “me too” movement that resulted in a surge of suppressed sexual harassment claims. Some of these claims were legitimate and immensely powerful men were taken down. Others were potential frauds by people who wanted to jump on the “me too” band wagon.

Some of the allegations regarding Biden, Obama and Hillary will probably be suspicious, but the Durham report already documented facts and evidence that are impossible to ignore. The indisputable facts are already bad enough. Fox News is all over this, partly because they are desperate to stop the bleeding after firing Tucker Carlson. But at least some smart and ambition reporters on other networks, will likely see the opportunity and seize the day. That is as inevitable as rain. The minute that starts will be the beginning of the end of the Biden Presidency along with a serious shakeup at the DOJ, FBI and our intelligence agencies who have all been outed as unreliable partisan hacks.

This reminds me of the saying, “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that people aren’t out to get you.” Yes, Donald Trump was ranting about how the deep state, the MSM pretended didn’t exist, was rigged against him. Turned out he nailed it. It may take a while for people like Anderson Cooper to figure this out, but other wiser and far more deadly people are already on it.

It is now just a matter of time; the clock is ticking, and it is about to get louder and louder until it simply cannot be safely ignored.