James Comer held a press conference today. He pointed out hard evidence that the Biden family accepted millions of dollars from corrupt foreign regimes, including Romania and China and that this was cycled through multiple business entities in what appears to be a deliberate effort to hide the source and the distribution of funds.

Unfortunately, this was handled like most congressional committees, which gave the MSM reason to cut away from the news conference and to ignore the findings. Every congressional committee does the same thing, in the same way, which is why the results are almost always the same. Nothing is done. The only exception is if the committee is criticizing Donald Trump, then the MSM takes over and rushes to judgement.

Once again, all the members of the committee got a few minutes of highly coveted air time to do their part of the presentation. Some of them were very good, some were mediocre, none of them was fully effective in making the case. I would have been so much more powerful if they had hired a highly qualified lawyer to make the presentation. That would have been crisp, focused and well documented. It would have made this very difficult to ignore, because the story they have to tell is compelling. But few things are compelling if no one is listening.

James Comer says this scandal is unprecedented in American history because it involves large sums of money received from corrupt foreign governments and that borders on treason. Unfortunately, he said that during the question-and-answer period, long after the MSM had stopped covering the event. That is an allegation that should not be ignored by anyone. Comer should be responsible to back up his allegations. The MSM should immediately assign their top investigative reporters to either confirm or invalidate this story. The one thing they should not even consider is ignoring this story and just refusing to investigate it or cover it. Unfortunately, that is the most likely outcome.

Fox is very likely to take this on for several reasons. One is that they desperately need something like this to distract from the decision to fire Tucker Carlson. The New York Post will be all over it, but, once again, will be ignored. CNN recently fired some big names and there may just be some very serious people who recognize that covering this story might just be exactly what they need to become a trusted news organization again. Don’t hold your breath on that one.

There is one other factor that may make this a big story. The doomsday clock for the Democrat party is approaching zero hour. There are numerous disasters lurking just over the horizon. Would you trust Joe Biden to handle any of this? Even life-long die-hard left-wing radical Democrats are probably not that dumb.