Here are the top ten potential Democratic Candidates for president of the United States, per the Washington Post.

The top 10 Democratic presidential candidates for 2024, ranked – The Washington Post





  1. Joe Biden
  2. Pete Buttigieg
  3. Kamala Harris
  4. Elizabeth Warren
  5. Amy Klobuchar
  6. Roy Cooper
  7. Sherron Brown
  8. Cory Booker
  9. Gavin Newsom
  10. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez


Everyone agrees that things look plain awful for the Democratic Party in the mid-term elections. Even die-hard Democratic strategist are warning of impending disaster. This is the price you pay when you rig the game to put someone like Joe Biden in the White House. Who thought this was a clever idea?

The sad reality is that no one thought Joe Biden was up to the job. He was only “selected” for two simple reasons. Democrats were desperate to defeat Donald Trump and all the other candidates, including many on the above list, were a joke. Joe Biden was chosen as the only “safe” option. They expected him to be boring and uninspiring, but safe. They were wrong.

No one need point out the obvious problems with Joe Biden. His approval rating is officially reported at 33% which means it is probably much lower than that. People don’t need to like a President of the United States, but they do need to respect the person and the office. Few respect Joe Biden.

The real problem here is that decisions are being made solely because of what is perceived as being politically correct. But this is a reminder that sometimes what is temporarily politically correct may morph into political suicide in the future. Sometimes what passes for political correctness is actually just stupid. For example, the recent new politically correct Supreme Court Justice was asked a remarkably simple question. “Can you define the word woman?” Since both the person asking the question and the nominee were both women, this should have been easy. It would be an easy answer for the vast majority of people, around the world. The answer has been obvious for millenniums. When police find a body, one of the first things they determine is the sex, even if they know next to nothing about the person. While there are exceptions, but they are extremely rare. So, when political correctness causes one to question what is obviously true, catastrophic failure is inevitable.

I would wager a guess that everyone on the above top Ten list would struggle to answer that question. Not because they don’t know the answer, but because they are terrified at the prospect of giving a politically incorrect answer. Perhaps some Republicans are secretly praying that one of the above is the actual Democratic nominee for President. But I remind everyone that in early 2020, most Republicans would have chosen Joe Biden as the ideal Democratic candidate, because he was such an obvious loser. The problem, now all too apparent, is that sometimes these people win elections, despite their obvious shortcomings, with disastrous results.