Things are going so bad that it has been increasingly difficult to imagine it getting worse. Well, it just got worse. Democrats are already reeling because Joe Biden’s approval rating is below see level and any of his potential replacements are worse, much worse, if that is even possible. Yet the hits just keep on coming.

Today the Biden administration was shocked to learn that GDP DROPPED 1.4% in the first quarter. Only Joe is naïve enough to think this is anything other than unwelcome news. It is proof that the economy is dropping even faster than we thought.

Meanwhile a guy was found dead in LA. He has been missing for about a year. It turns out he was the star informant regarding Trump’s alleged financial dealing with Russia.

Federal Informant in Trump Probe Found Dead After He’s Reported Missing (thegatewaypundit.com)

This was the “star” witness that was going to bring down Donald Trump. Please!

And by the way, that Grand Jury in New York, investigating Trump, will end next week with no charges.

Meanwhile, the Hunter Biden laptop is the gift that keeps on giving. The only thing certain, at this point, is that Joe Biden lied about this at every opportunity.

The New York Democratic plan to gerrymander their way into permanent power was thrown out by a judge.

A judge in Florida declared the mask mandate on airplanes was illegal and before Democrats could think of a response, the sounds of celebration resounded around the world. Then when Democrats did figure this out, instead of just pretending this was a good thing and claiming victory over COVID, they doubled down and are filing an appeal so that they can retain the right to do something equally stupid in the future.

Fauci said the pandemic is over, Jen Psaki said not so fast. Kamala Harris has Covid, with no symptoms, but she is still taking the Pfizer pill authorized only for people who are seriously ill. Apparently, the cackle needs protection at all costs. To top this off, Fauci won’t attend the White House Correspondent’s dinner, because he is terrified of COVID, but Joe is going, he just won’t eat anything. Seriously?

Mayorkas admitted that they are expecting about 18,000 people to cross the border, all and once, and he has no clue how to manage this. This was so bad even some democrats chimed in on the chorus.

Finally, the FDA decided to ban Menthol cigarettes on the theory that 85% of menthol cigarettes are smoked by Black men, so this will save Black lives. I doubt that they even considered the possibility that this will not exactly be welcome news to those people who like menthol cigarettes. My guess is that the Democratic dreams of getting the coveted 90% of the Black vote just went up in smoke.