Imagine you are a Democrat. Secretly, you know that the 2020 election was stolen. But you don’t care, because the most important thing was to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. Nothing else mattered. Joe Biden is and always was a mediocre has been, but he is not Donald Trump, so who cares.

Now, Joe Biden has been in President for about 2 ½ years. He is acting like he is going to run for re-election. There are no Democrats on the horizon capable of taking over for if he decides to bid farewell. His VP, Kamala Harris, has incredibly managed to achieve polling numbers worse than Joe. What’s a mother to do. What is anyone to do? This is unacceptable, in every way, but all the visible options are worse.

One name mentioned often is Gavin Newsom, Governor of California. But he has made decisions that will absolutely unite the country against him. He just announced he will sign legislation requiring large businesses to disclose their direct greenhouse gas emissions as well as those than come from activities like employee business travel.

California Gov. Newsom says he will sign climate-focused transparency laws for big business (

“Under the law, thousands of public and private businesses that operate in California and make more than $1 billion annually will have to make the emissions disclosures. The goal is to increase transparency and nudge companies to evaluate how they can cut their carbon emissions.”

The second bill approved last week by the state Assembly requires companies making more than $500 million annually to disclose what financial risks climate change poses to their businesses and how they plan to address those risks.

The Attorney General for California Rob Bonta has launched a lawsuit against “Big Oil”, for alleged climate change deception.

California is suing Big Oil, accusing them of climate change ‘deception’ – Los Angeles Times (

Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta has filed a lawsuit against five major oil companies and their trade association, alleging their involvement in “a decades-long campaign of deception and creating statewide climate change-related harms in California.

So, the state with a runaway homeless problem, rampant crime, skyrocketing costs, and a rapidly declining population has decided to go off the climate change cliff without even considering a parachute. This is certifiably insane. There is ZERO change this will improve anything. We already have a situation where insurance companies are rapidly withdrawing from California. Other businesses are likely to do the same. What is the point of continuing to do business in a state where making a profit is impossible?

There has been massive deception regarding climate change, by the climate change alarmists. None of the predictions of dread climate change results have come close to being accurate. The world is getting warmer, it has been getting warmer since the 1600s. That is referred to by real scientists as the “mini-ice age”. But the rate of change is quite low and contrary to what is being reported in the press, we are not seeing more violent storms because of this. Five minutes of research shows that hurricanes have always been part of cycles, where some years there are a lot of them and some years very few. The El Nino, which has been happening for as long as man could even measure ocean temperature, has a well-established impact on weather. It is temporary and always replaced by a La Nina. Duh! As I wrote previously, the eruption of Tonga Hunga Ha’Apai has had a significant impact on global weather. What is lacking is any credible study showing that increases in CO2 have much of an impact at all. In addition, none of the things being proposed will have any significant impact on CO2 levels and will have even less impact on climate change.

If the liberal left chooses to live in their delusion world, oblivious to reality, that is fine. Forcing the rest of us to pay a fortune to adopt their idiotic strategy that has zero chance of working is something else. I can’t think of a better description of this than “Political Suicide”. Suicide is not painless.


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  1. Since you readdressed ‘the eruption of Tonga Hunga Ha’Apai has had a significant impact on global weather’ I am curious to what degree all the nuclear weapons testing conducted in the Pacific theater, Soviet Union, and in what is now known as Plutonium Valley, NV contributed to weather pattern disruption in the long term?

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