Tucker Carlson was fired by FOX News. Don Lemon was fired by CNN. What an amazing coincidence. But there is a stark difference between the two firings. Lemon was fired for a lot of reasons, but one was that few people wanted to watch him anymore. His ratings were horrible.

Tucker Carlson was the exact opposite. His ratings were very high, and he had (has) a loyal viewing audience. We may never know all the reasons for firing him. But the timing of this indicates that the settlement of the Dominion lawsuit against FOX may have been a factor. But it is interesting to note that Tucker was the one given access to the January 6th video tapes that were covered-up by the January 6th committee. He showed videos that painted a very different version of events. Then, suddenly, he was stopped from showing any more of them. There were reports that he was going to show a video of Ray Epps that would have been difficult to ignore.

This creates a huge problem for FOX and an even bigger problem for the establishment. It seems unlikely that Tucker will just disappear. Whether you like him or not, he has a tremendous ability to communicate. Soon and very soon he will resurface, somewhere. CNN is unlikely to hire him. Neither are any of the other members of the MSM. But just perhaps there is some smart executive out there who sees the obvious. A primetime show featuring Tucker Carlson may just be exactly what is needed to knock FOX off its’ rating perch. The people who make these kind of decisions seldom do so for the right reason, they do so because it helps them make money. If Tucker can make someone a lot of money, that will be hard to resist.

The other problem is that trying to silence someone like Tucker Carlson requires coverage of the problem with his reporting. In other words, they have to report on what he said about the election. They have to report on January 6th. They will spin this reporting to protect Biden and Democrats, like they always do. But that could backfire. For example, the recent episode where CBS interviewed Ray Epps is just ridiculous. That interview was absurd. There are videos of Epp openly encouraging people to advance on the Capitol. Other people who did a lot less are in jail, waiting, and waiting, and waiting for trial. The man on video shrieking at people to invade the Capitol is a lot of things, but someone who was horrified by the “insurrection” is not on the list. Another problem is that this may make Ray Epps, someone unknown to almost everyone, an very important person. The more one learns about Mr. Epps the more questions that will generate.

There are already reports that people are cancelling their subscription to Fox Nation effective immediately. Some reports say that Fox News is continuing paying Tucker’s salary. Other reports are saying he was fired, with cause, and gets no severance. Obviously, someone is really wrong here. One thing is certain, we will hear from Tucker Carlson again, and soon. If Fox fired Tucker, without providing incentive for him to remain off the airways, that will compound the error.

The entire country seems to be on a collision course with reality. One reality, often ignored, is that the people who should be most embarrassed are those in leadership of the Republican Party. If Democrats stole a Presidential election, which sure seems likely if not probable, then Republicans let them do it. It is easy to trash Democrats, particularly when someone like Joe Biden is the face of the Democratic party. But the flip side of that coin is that the Republican Party lost to arguably the worst candidate in American history. My goodness if Republicans can’t explain why Joe Biden is, was and always will be a disaster, then find someone who can. If you’re concerned about Democrats routinely steamrolling Republicans, find Republicans who can figure out a way to stop this from happening. The bottom line is that if Democrats are the bumbling class of clowns, we all hate, then why do they keep beating us? Part of the problem is with RINO Republicans who fail to understand that you cannot safely compromise with people who have zero interest in real compromise. Democrats never really compromise; they just hold critical programs hostage until Republicans compromise their agenda. That is exactly what is happening now. Joe Biden is not budging with regard to raising the debt limit. He knows that with the help of the MSM propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, Republicans will get all the blame for problems caused by refusing to raise the debt limit. Biden is more than willing to hold the economy hostage, and RINO Republicans are famous for compromising with economic terrorism.

There are recent reports that Paul Ryan, on the board of FOX news, is leading the charge to downplay the problems with the election, to move on from Donald Trump, and now to terminate Tucker Carlson. It appears that Ryan, easily the most ineffective Republican Speaker of the House in history, is now on a mission to demand FOX News embrace the identical policies that have resulted in Republicans repeatedly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

But regardless of the ineptitude of the Republican leadership class, Democrats are digging a hole from which it may be impossible to extract themselves. That would require strong leadership from true moderate Democrats, which are increasingly rare and on the verge of extinction. This is a case study in the inmates taking over the institution with predictable results. The rarest group of persons in the United States is anyone with the slightest amount of honest education who thinks things are headed in the right direction. A lot of people don’t want Donald Trump to be President of the United States and an even larger group of people want anybody other than Joe Biden. All of them agree that things are not going well and there is little realistic hope of that changing any time soon.

This may be the ultimate cost of Fox News dumping Tucker Carlson. At least at Fox News there were staff members and senior management demanding moderation. They wanted him to stop talking about the stolen election. They wanted him to stop talking about January 6th. They wanted him to stop talking about the Ukraine war. But, instead, they may have just put him in a better position with an even bigger microphone, without all the filters. What really matters is not what Tucker Carlson says, but rather the reality of the facts he is reporting. The more people learn about what really happened during the 2020 election and on January 6th, the harder it will be for the MSM and the establishment in both parties to hide the truth and sustain the cover-up

Facts, as always, are stubborn things and when there is so much chaos in this world, a lot of people are getting “tuckered out “ by the “same-old, same-old.” Ironically FOX News terminating Tucker may achieve the exact opposite of what was intended.