It is increasingly obvious that the DNC establishment is so done with Joe Biden. There are probably two main factors. One is that the DNC is now convinced that Donald Trump will not be a major factor in 2024. They may be wrong about that, but they believe that. The removes the “only” justification for choosing Joe Biden as the 2020 candidate for President. They were desperate for someone, anyone, who could beat Donald Trump. The other DNC candidates all self-eliminated, leaving the choice between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Even the DNC establishment realized that Bernie Sanders would be a total disaster.

Republicans will investigate Joe Biden, but they are so not in a rush. They have him right where they want him, stinking up the White House. Increasingly it will be Democrats, not Republicans, desperate to move on. While a significant number of Democratic politicians in Washington, D. C. are certifiably insane, they are not all drinking the liberal left KoolAid.

CNN just admitted that Hunter Biden was conducting business deals, that stink to high heaven, while trading on his father’s name. Of course, they have known this all along, but their hatred of Donald Trump and lust for power blinded them to the disaster unfolding before their eyes. Well eyes wide open now.

This does not mean the MSM is going to start reporting objectively. They will remain highly partisan in favor of Democrats. But it does mean that someone has given permission to start reporting the truth about Joe Biden, and that is a really big deal.

The MSM has been telling huge lies, in a failed attempt to cover-up for everything Biden. That included lying about the serious and obvious problems with the 2020 election. A lot of people are going to be shocked at the extent to which the MSM has mislead them. This has already started with the “Biden classified document scandal”, but it won’t end there. It has already morphed into asking serious questions about Hunter Biden. But once people realize they have been lied to, over and over again, they are increasingly reluctant to trust those people who perpetuated this lie again. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.” Combine that with the abject failure of Democratic policies, the destruction of our economy, the increasing fear of criminal violence, and the run-a-way Woke movement, and this may become a perfect storm. One very obvious question is: “If you were lying about this, what else were you lying about?” Good Question.

Most people are glad to see 2021 and 2022 in the rear-view mirror. But 2022 wasn’t much of an improvement over 2021, and 2023 just may be an extremely challenging year. At times like this, don’t be surprised if the House of Card built by the liberal left wing of the Democratic Party and their supporters in the MSM suffers a catastrophic collapse. There are at least some members of the DNC establishment very concerned and they are more than willing to cast Joe Biden overboard in a failed effort to save a sinking ship. But don’t bet on a House of Cards withstanding a perfect storm.