Most people paying attention realize that the Biden Administration is an unprecedented disaster. It is a miracle that he hasn’t blundered his way into a war, yet. It is a miracle that the economy, although under extreme duress, continues to do much better than almost anywhere else in the world. And yes, it is a miracle, that despite their worst intentions, the United States remains the freest nation on earth.

But now the Biden Administration is apparently considering banning gas stoves. Here is a link to an NBC News report about this.

Ban new gas stoves, a federal safety commissioner proposes; CPSC says no such official plan yet (

CNN, predictably, responded by trying to explain why this is actually a good idea.

A US federal agency is considering a ban on gas stoves | CNN Business

Naturally, some of the usual suspects consider gas stoves to be racist.

“Short-term exposure to NO2 is linked to worsening asthma in children, and long-term exposure has been determined to likely cause the development of asthma,” a group of lawmakers said in a letter to chair Alexander Hoehn-Saric, adding it can also exacerbate cardiovascular illnesses.

The letter – Sen. Corey Booker and Sen. Elizabeth Warren among its signers – argued that Black, Latino and low-income households are more likely to be affected by these adverse reactions, because they are either more likely to live near a waste incinerator or coal ash site or are in a home with poor ventilation.”.

Miraculously, I survived a childhood where all of the cooking was done on a gas stove. This was probably because my parents couldn’t afford the luxury of an electric stove. We have had gas stove and electric stoves, and for me a gas stove is much easier to use.

Some places, like Sacramento, already ban building new homes with gas stoves. They do this for the same reason they ban gas furnaces. They want the entire world to run on electricity, ignoring the fact that electricity is generated, by gas among other things. The other things, that actually work, does not include solar energy in much of the world and wind energy unless located in areas with over population of Democratic politicians.

But the real problem here is that this is not only is this insanely stupid, but a high percentage of people also instantly realize it is insanely stupid. Predictably, certain people, like AOC, instantly double down on stupid, by shrieking about the dangers of gas stoves, forgetting there are pictures of them using their gas stove.

There are lot of people who are experiencing daily power outages in California, because of the extremely rare storms that are remarkably similar to what happened in 1997 and several other years. Some of these major storms even happened after the invention of color TV, so it is difficult to argue that these never happened before global warming.

So now, in a state where it is cold, windy, wet, and wild, it is difficult to take much comfort in your electric car, you can’t charge, living in a home without heat, without cable TV to provide some distraction, and if this piece of insanity becomes law, without hot food.

If there were gas refrigerators, I would say this was a fridge too far, but that would be unfair. I just think this is going to change more than people imagine for one simple reason. You can actually sell stupid, for quite a while, but you can’t sell banning gas stoves to the 35% of people who already own them and probably another equal  number of people who used to have them and miss them.

I would say power to the people, but with out gas, that seems unfair. So, I will just say the latest attempt to gas light people about another insane idea is guaranteed to flicker out for the most obvious of reasons. People can be confused about a lot of things, but gas stoves is way, way, way down the list.