The real problem with the modern Democratic Party and their fawning supporters in the MSM  is that they consistently cave to blatant extortion by extremely radical people. In most states it is almost impossible to win a Democratic Primary without support of the progressives. The result is that there are extremely few moderate Democrats in congress, and the one who do exist are ignored.

In California, the public sector unions now totally dominate our politics. It is impossible for anyone not supported by the public sector unions to get elected. They routinely demand that Democrats help them get outrageous contracts that cannot possibly be sustained financially. The only question is when this happens, not if it will happen.

Now, the railroad unions had held the entire nation’s economy hostage with the result that Democrats, with the help of some Republicans, caved and gave them everything they wanted. They will still complain.

This is now so bad that anyone who does not tow the liberal line is immediately confronted with protests, sometimes violent protests. These protests are always fawned over and glorified by far too many in the MSM. Now we have a case where 12 people who rioted following the George Floyd protest received a $600,000 settlements for their injuries allegedly occurred because police used excessive force. That excessive force consisted of tear gas, foam, and rubber bullets.

Minneapolis Settles With 12 Hurt In George Floyd Protests | HuffPost Latest News

In addition, the settlement included the following injunction:

The settlement includes an injunction that bars the city from arresting, threatening to arrest or using physical force — including chemical sprays, flash bang or concussion grenades and foam tipped bullets — against people who are engaging in lawful protests. It also limits officers’ use of chemical agents to disperse peaceful demonstrators. And it requires that officers have their body cameras recording and unobstructed while at protests, according to the ACLU.

Keep in mind that this entire situation was the result of extremely inflammatory and highly misleading media coverage. The reality is that George Floyd was restrained because he was high and out of control as a direct result of having taken several drugs, including fentanyl. The medical examiners report showed that he probably would have died anyway, even if police had not been called. The police spent several minutes trying, and failing, to get George Floyd to cooperate in getting into a police car. Instead, he responded violently. The police finally got him restrained and on the ground. One officer kept his knee on Floyd’s neck for over nine minutes. That video was played over and over again. Few bothered to provide any context.

The media described this as murder by the policy officer and he was convicted of second-degree murder. One does not have to have a shred of sympathy for the police officer to realize that this case was used to create the illusion that police were murdering black men, for no reason, all over the country.

These protests were widely reported by the MSM and praised by people like our current VP, soon to be President, Kamala Harris.

Yet when people went to the capital, to complain about an election that looks to be seriously compromised and begging congress to at least investigate, instead of being praised, they were jailed. They received the same treatment from the Capital Police as the people in the George Floyd protests. One of them, an unarmed female, was shot to death. But this time, there were very different results.

It is considered a near criminal offense to even question the actions of the hero capital police officers. Shooting an unarmed person, completely understandable. Instead of a settlement, they were hounded and hunted down by the FBI and charged with serious crimes. They were subjected to verdicts by a Washington D.C. grand jury that would support the death penalty for a Republican who dared fart in public, if deemed to support Donald Trump.

Unless someone stands up to the “hostage takers” this will get worse, everywhere. Giving in to extortion always results in more attempts at extortion. That only ends when someone stand up to them and says enough. Then, at some point, the honest people shouting their support will drown out the hysterical shrieks from the small minority that has zero interest in free speech or fair play. The last thing they want is to be treated fairly. I should say the second last thing. The last thing they want is for anyone who dares disagree with them to be treated fairly.

We either find someone willing to recognize the problem and stand up to the extortionists or we are doomed. The real problem with the latest fiasco is that no one seems to realize the significance of letting the railroad unions hold the country hostage. Even Harry Truman knew better than that, he called in the National Guard. Lesson learned. Lesson unlearned.