A friend recently sent me a very interesting map. The Red and Orange sections allegedly have equal populations. This seems consistent with everything else I have seen from other sources.

One instantly notes that the fringe places have several things in common. They are run by Democrats, they are extremely expensive places to live, there are serious crime problems, and in most cases election results are predictable. Democrats always win. There is one, very recent, exception, Florida. Ron DeSantis won in Dade County. Wait, Dade County, as in Miami-Dade County? Wow! So, what happened.

The answer is Florida Senate Bill 90. It strengthened existing vote ID laws, banned ballot harvesting, and prohibited unsolicited mass mailing of ballots. Seems pretty obvious.

One big change was vote by mail ballots are only sent to individuals that requested them. Each political party, and every candidate, is guaranteed access to observe signature matching reviews by canvassing boards. It also prohibited private money from administering elections by prohibiting election supervisors from accepting donations or grants to fund any aspect of election administration or operations.

Here is a link to the entire law if anyone is interested: CS/CS/CS/SB 90 (flsenate.gov)

This year the polls in Florida closed at 7:00 p.m. Most of the results were published by 8:00 p.m. There were very few disputes. People in Florida went to bed knowing who had won. Now contrast that with Florida in 2000, when the elections were run by Democrats in places like, gasp, Miami-Dade, and Broward Counties. The Presidential election took weeks. There were these remarkable images of election clerks looking through magnifying glasses at individual ballots searching for “hanging chads.” Finally, the Supreme Court got involved, said you can’t just count votes in places where Democrats (Al Gore) are likely to win. That was a 7-2 decision. Then, because everyone was running out of time, the Supreme Court ordered Florida to stop counting with the result that George W. Bush was declared the winner. That was a 5-4 decision.

If you think things are bad now, just imagine 8 years with someone as delusional as Al Gore in the Oval Office. Actually, just reflect on the great results over the last two years and it would probably be pretty similar.

Look at the results this year. What states gave quick and accurate election results. What states are still counting, and specifically what counties in those states are, again, the problem.

It is obvious, the most advanced nation on this earth can’t run an election in a manner than anyone trusts. Remember that Democrats are just as likely to claim an election was stolen as Republicans. The “potential” new Speaker of the House, Hakeem Jeffries, is an election denier who consistently claimed that Donald Trump was not a legitimate president.

Republicans now control the House, and they must seize the day to make elections more efficient, fairer, and more transparent. They could do worse that pay attention to the results in Florida.  Failure to do this and we will continue to have more and more “fringe management” by the same people who are systematically destroying the areas they control.