I do not know what will happen during the midterm election. No one knows, until the counting is done. But I certainly know who thinks they are losing, big time. Democrats are absolutely freaking out over several developments. Perhaps the most important is that at the worst possible time, Joe Biden is putting on an unprecedented display of ignorance and incompetence. In addition, he doesn’t even gain the sympathy vote because he is such an obvious jerk. The result is that his approval rating has plummeted to new lows and that may be over estimating things. This is so bad that Saturday Night even ridiculed him. It is so bad that no Democrat, other than Charlie Crist in Florida, seems to think Joe Biden is an asset. It is so bad that Barrack Obama is not bothering to campaign for Democrats, probably because he may not be that sharp, but he knows a losing hand when he sees it.

This is frankly so bad it is becoming scary. Is it really possible that the Democratic machine, fueled with all those delicious dollars from big business and Hollywood celebrities is really going to crash and burn like this. How can a party that gets so much free fawning coverage from the MSM possibly muck things up this bad? It seems too good to be true, but all the signs are there. Perhaps the big October surprise this year is there is no October surprise. Democrats sure seem to be caught in a perfect storm of their own manufacture.

They went all in on pro-choice, failing to understand something really important. When it costs $7 per gallon to fill your car, when the cost of everything is skyrocketing if you can even find it. When a senile fool pretending to be President of the United States starts saying stupid things about nuclear Armageddon. When the party that wants to take away your guns is proving why they are actually necessary. When our schools are a hot mess. When our economy is in the tank and getting worse by the minute. People aren’t all that focused on the need for an abortion when birth control is readily available. When the Republican governor of Florida builds a new highway bridge in three days, while “President” Biden is deciding whether or not to visit. When the President of the United States is 15 to 24 points underwater during a mid-term election in every swing state. Then don’t bet on blue.

Granted, Republicans are famous for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Granted Democrats are equally focused on stealing another election. Granted the MSM is still all in on the DNC, without regard to the consequences. Remember that Don Lemon cried his way off his last Prime Time TV show, still oblivious as to why this happened. Remember that someone paid Chris Cuomo about 1/20th of his prior salary, only to discover that no one cared to watch him. And remember that even Jen Psaki is trashing Biden now that he is no longer paying her to lie for him.

Remember that the walls closing in on Donald Trump keep falling on his enemies. Remember that people line up for hours just to listen to what Democrats call the irrational rants of a senile fool, while Joe Biden has to pay a fortune to draw enough people to fill a phone booth.

Perhaps the red wave will fade away. Perhaps Democrats will keep both the House and the Senate. Perhaps Wisconsin will be 80 degrees in February. Perhaps Gavin Newsom will impress anyone other than the assigned committee to count votes in California. Perhaps Hurricane Ian will make a U-turn and return to CUBA. Perhaps, just perhaps, but don’t bet on it. Instead follow the money, or should I say, what’s left of the money. The money that even Nancy Pelosi isn’t spending to try and rescue lost causes. Watch for Democrats, lots of Democrats, and their supporters in the MSM, all desperately seeking Susan, or should I say some kind of employment. All of them will blame Joe Biden, conveniently forgetting that they and they alone were the ones who made him possible in the first place.

Slip sliding away
Slip sliding away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you’re slip sliding away

Democrats, less than two years ago, had it all. They had the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. They had everything except a plan and an ounce of leadership. They also didn’t have even a shred of character or common decency. Now, enjoy the ride and watch it all slip sliding away.