Normally during this time of year, we brace ourselves for a Democratic inspired October surprise. Perhaps the best example of that was when the story of George W. Bush’s DUI arrest was leaked to the press the weekend before the 2000 election. It almost worked and Bush defeated Gore by the narrowest of margins. The worst example of this was on October 31, 1968, which LBJ announced a complete bombing halt of North Vietnam. The timing was obviously designed to help Hubert Humphrey defeat Richard Nixon. It did not work. But it did make deprive Richard Nixon of the options necessary to win that war.

This year we may see a lot of October surprises, none of them desired by Democrats, that will have an enormous impact on the Mid-Term elections. Ironically Democrats are largely responsible for most of this, but obviously did not intend the inevitable results.


The cost of gas is going up. Biden is running out of oil from the Strategic Oil Reserve which he used to artificially lower gas prices. Gas prices have already started to rise and that is likely to increase even faster in the near future.


The interest rate on a new home mortgage is now around 6.5%.  One year ago, it was about 2.5%. This is easy to understand. The monthly payment on a $500,000 home increased from $1.976 per month to $3,160 per month. That will price a lot of people right out of the market for a new house.


Stupid is as Stupid does. Stacy Abrams argued that the sounds of a fetal heartbeat at 6 weeks was artificially generated to create a false argument against abortion. In addition to being laughed off the stage, she pointed out something the pro-choice movement chooses to ignore. Abortion is not just about the woman; it is about ending a heartbeat. The entire Democratic argument has been that abortion is only about the woman’s right to her own body, Stacy Abrams just made it very obvious that this is not actually true.


Governor Newsom signed a bill allowing human bodies to be composted, instead of buried in a casket. His argument that this would be helpful in reducing climate change is just laugh out loud stupid. No one is buying this.


The stock market is officially in a bear market, lower than when it started the year. This affects a lot more people than you realize, but particularly people counting on their stock portfolio to fund their retirement.


Fortunately, most of us live in pretty safe areas. However, there is a serious issue regarding rising crime statistics and most people are concerned about this. The reality is that a certain percentage of people have zero interest in following rules. The only known solution is to put these people behind bars. It would be nice if that wasn’t necessary, but history teaches us that there is no rational alternative. Democrats have foolishly ignored this reality and it is going to hurt them big time.


Anyone who has been to a grocery story or even gone out to eat, knows that inflation is all too real. While rich people can absorb this, the average person cannot. The reason is that most people have limited disposable income and when the cost of food, gas, electricity and housing increases, there is little margin for error. No one in the MSM can actually explain this away. It is really simple. When Biden took office, this was not a problem, now it is a big problem. As Bill Clinton famously said, “it’s the economy, stupid.”

In order for Democrats to have a reversal of the big red wave, they need to convince people to fear something even more. It is said that we seldom experience our greatest hopes or worst fears. Democrats are very close to delivering on our worst fears. While the MSM pretends to ignore this, facts are stubborn things, and the facts all point to a red storm warning.

What could make this even worse? Easy. Have the President of the United States shows up 30 minutes late for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, the most watched funeral in the history of mankind. How, exactly, does any American Administration allow something this stupid to happen. Sadly, a better question is was anyone really surprised?