The China Syndrome was a fictional story about the theory of a nuclear meltdown where reactor components melt through their containment structures and into the underlying earth all the way to China.

The China Syndrome – Wikipedia

We are already starting to see how China is responding to the visit to Taiwan by Nancy Pelosi. Things are spiraling downward, only this time starting in China and headed toward us. China has already declared that it was stopping all dialogue with the U.S. on major issues. In addition, China is formally withdrawing from the Climate Change accord reached with Barack Obama in 2014. “Cooperation on returning illegal immigrants, criminal investigations, transnational crime, illegal drugs, and climate change will be suspended. “

China conducts ‘precision missile strikes’ in Taiwan Strait | AP News

This of course is in addition to military exercises and firing test missiles.

China wasn’t actually doing all that much to eliminate emissions. Now they won’t even pretend anymore. We can be sure it will not stop there. The most important point is that now China officially considers us an enemy. That is a serious problem.

An even more serious problem is an administration making things much worse. The U.S. responded to the military exercises by China by cancelling an intercontinental ballistic missile test.

China halts climate, military ties over Pelosi Taiwan visit; Pelosi says China cannot isolate Taiwan (

In an effort to ease the tensions, Kirby said the U.S. would postpone intercontinental ballistic missile test scheduled for this week. Kirby said the decision to reschedule the test was intended to demonstrate “the behavior of a responsible nuclear power by reducing the risks of miscalculation and misperception.”

The Biden administration may be proud of this, but history teaches us that appeasement is the path to war. It is foolish to assume that if you reward bad behavior, you get less bad behavior. It is hard to imagine this administration looking even more pathetic, but they just may have surpassed all previous efforts.

Well welcome to beyond pathetic. Nancy Pelosi, say she feels a special connection with China because when she was a child, she was told if she dug deep enough, she would reach China.  Just in case you think I am making this up, that even Nancy Pelosi is not this stupid, here is the quote:

Nancy Pelosi slammed over so-called ‘connection’ with China: ‘We are truly led by imbeciles’ | Fox News

“When I was a little girl, I was told at the beach if I dug a hole deep enough, we would reach China, so we’ve always felt a connection there,” Pelosi said.

Note how she refers to herself in the third person while spouting this nonsense.

Japan has recently increased its defense capability and the Japanese Defense Minister, Nobuo Kisha said that the missile fired by China, and landed in Japan’s exclusive economic zone, “threatened Japan’s national security and the lives of the Japanese people, which we strongly condemn.” China and Japan are not exactly friends. One should remember that Japan treated the Chinese people horribly during World War II and it is unlikely they have forgotten.

We can only hope that wiser heads prevail, probably in China, because we have run completely out of wiser heads here. Perhaps it is just me, but when someone in the MSM refers to Joe Biden as “The President” my response is: “seriously, you’re buying this?

There has been some good news this week. The establishment in Arizona tried, and failed, to stop people like Kari Lake from getting elected. Odds are the real difference was so enormous that they did not have enough votes available to steal, not that they didn’t try. It looks like several “pro-Trumpers” are winning primary elections, in spite of enormous funds spent to prevent just that. In some cases, they have won in spite of polls by the usual suspects showing them behind. They have even won in cases where they were behind on election day. Either Republicans have learned how to beat Democrats at their own game, or actual support for these candidates was strong enough to overcome the establishment machine. I strongly suspect the latter.

I don’t think anyone in the MSM, or the establishment is remotely prepared for the tidal wave of support building for the “throw the bums out” movement. Now Democrats have done the dumbest thing possible, voted for another massive spending bill accompanied by tax increases on everyone. They either stupidly think this will work, or just want one more sip from the well of corruption before it collapses completely. Every poll shows that the primary concern for voters is inflation, and no one thinks this has any chance of fixing that. Few people other than the idiots who voted for this, even pretend it will work. Instead, the Democratic Party may literally experience a true nuclear level melt-down. A real-life China Syndrome event.