In places run by Democrats, the only people who can carry firearms are the police and the class of rich and entitled. They combined this with appointing or electing prosecutors who refuse to enforce existing gun laws, as long as the gun is used by someone with a criminal record. If you dared to carry a fire arm, and were caught, you would certainly be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The guy who holds up a gas station with a stolen gun, not so much. Now combine this with assuming that any police officer who actually uses his or her weapon and shoots a Black person, under any circumstances, is guilty of murder.

The results are beyond obvious. Crime is spiraling out of control and the people hurt the most are the people the liberal left pretends to embrace. Yet, these people are desperate to keep repeating the same mistakes and one starts to question whether they even want different results. Today, they were dealt a serious blow by the U.S. Supreme Court. The court overruled the law in New York, saying that you can’t just restrict everyone from being able to carry a fire arm in public. You can still take them away from criminals and people who are mentally ill, but you can’t just refuse to let anyone carry a fire arm.

Ironically, this happened almost simultaneously with the woke left and some of the usual suspect RINO Republicans combining to pass new and exciting gun legislature guaranteed to have zero impact on preventing mass shootings. Perhaps I am wrong, but I suspect the gun control crowd is going to learn that a whole lot of people don’t agree with them. Every time someone tries to pass new restrictive gun control laws, the immediate result is a run on guns. Democrats and liberal Republicans assume that all of these people are morally depraved Trump supporters. But they are wrong about that. These are just people who realize that if you wait until police show up, and then wait until they have everything in place, you have waited too long. That is the real lesson of Uvalde. It is oh so easy, for people who were not there, to play Monday Morning quarterback regarding how the police did or did not respond. These questions are legitimate, and we should all learn from this. But the real problem is that police can’t be everyone at once and you can’t simultaneously shriek at them if they even draw their weapon and still expect them to automatically rush in like John Wayne and save the day.

Most people I know, who have CCW permits, never plan to use their guns. They take training so that they know how to use them, but they also avoid putting themselves in situations where a gun is necessary. It is quite simple, if you think you need to carry a gun, you shouldn’t be there. These people carry guns solely for self-defense because the reality is that no matter how careful they may be, there is the potential to find themselves in an unpredictable situation where if they cannot defend themselves, they are in deadly peril. Democratic politicians and the liberal rich know this. That is why they insist on armed personal security. They just don’t think this is nearly as important regarding your personal safety. They want you to be dependent on the people they themselves do not trust. Now they are in shock to discover that a whole lot of people, many more than they realize, understand this. Those are the people buying guns.

There are some people who are terrified of guns, in the hands of anyone. They would disarm police if they could. They dream of a world where everyone is safe from gun violence. But that world does not exist. Even in places like Great Britain, where gun ownership by the average citizen has been banned for years, if not centuries, there are still violent confrontations with criminals armed with guns. Since the police are not armed either, everyone must wait for an “Armed Response Unit” (ARU) to show up and save the day. If you want to know how this approach works, do some research on the Uvalde mass shooting.

The liberal left will scream bloody murder in response to this decision. We can be certain that some of them will resort to violence. The left seems to think violence is great, as long as it is aimed at the right people, meaning anyone who disagrees with them. But in less time than you can imagine, everyone will notice something important. A lot of those people, who are buying guns, are Democrats, they are Black people, they are Hispanics, they hate criminals of all colors, and they are getting ready to vote.