D Day was actually the 6th of June 1944. But we are about to see the modern equivalent of it, only this will be January 6, 2021, a day long remembered, but perhaps for very different reasons than some expect.

Democrats are going all in on the theory that Donald Trump, the worst human being in the history of human beings tried to overthrow our democracy by claiming the 2020 election was stolen. They apparently want everyone to believe that any hint of doubt in the outcome of the 2020 election is tantamount to treason. Speaking publicly about it crosses over into tyranny and pretending there is any potential merit to his claim is grounds for immediate commitment to the nearest insane asylum. Of course, these are the same people who want you to believe that global warming will kill us all, unless we all buy electric cars, made by anyone other than Tesla. The same people who are shocked, I tell you shocked, that giving money and free housing to homeless people results in more homeless people. The same people who demanded we all wear masks, because they were following the science, when we now know the science said this was nonsense. The same people who thought that defunding the police and letting criminals out of jail would reduce crime. Those people.

January 6, 2021 was a tragic day, but not because a handful of people got out of control, perhaps with the help of some Capital police officers, and arrogantly posed for selfies in the Capital. They were angry because no one, including the courts, or congress, or the DOJ, or the FBI, were willing to admit there just might have been a couple of minor problems with this election. Like the vote totals changing mysteriously, overnight, in places like Philadelphia where Democratic politicians have been convicted, throughout recorded history for stuffing ballot boxes. This is hardly news to anyone remotely familiar with Philadelphia politics, but a complete mystery to the geniuses at the Washington Post and the New York Times. They only believe in rigged elections if a Republican accidentally wins. Then it is ok to scream fraud, at the top of your lungs, ala Stacy Abrams, Hillary Clinton and Al Gore, without any evidence. But this when this is done by someone like Donald Trump, who actually has a lot of facts, horror of horrors.

Now we are going to have the January 6th committee, which is going live tomorrow, determined to prove that Donald Trump is a threat to humanity. I doubt that many will watch, because there is not enough alcohol available for most people to watch more than 30 seconds of people like Liz Cheney and Adam Schiffless. Oh CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and particularly MSNBC will watch with bated breath, again, as the walls are closing in on Donald Trump, again, only to learn there are no walls, again. Wiser heads won’t bother to watch at all, while the loyal woke crowd are destined for disappointment when, again, it becomes obvious that there is still no there there.

Trump absolutely did beg people like Mike Pence to seriously consider the consequences of allowing Joe Biden to steal an election. He did suggest they consider the widespread damage the average American was likely to endure when someone like Joe Biden is put in charge of anything. I doubt that Joe Biden will succeed in destroying the country, because he isn’t competent to do that either. But he sure is mucking things up to a fare-thee-well, destined to be the only President in history capable of making Jimmy Carter look good in comparison.

It is bad enough to experience first-hand the consequences of electing someone like Biden but it is infuriating when it becomes increasingly obvious that this could and should have been prevented.

It is quite simple. The constitution requires state legislatures to determine how elections are run. In 2020 state legislatures were bypassed by partisan election committees aided by corrupt Democratic politicians. The rules actually used, and approved by courts, often violated the U.S. constitution, and were considered recipes for fraud, by both Democrats and Republicans, until Democrats realized they could get away with this. When some state legislatures figured this out, and appealed to congress, the courts, the press, the DOJ, and everyone else, no one listened. If someone even pretended to listen, they were accused of being co-conspirators.

Congress, the only entity that could have fixed this did less than nothing. It pretended there was nothing to hear, nothing to see, nothing to investigate, nothing to consider. They might have still decided things the same way, but they still should have listened. The constitution requires them to listen. The American people requires them to listen. Instead, the establishment decided that the only more thing to do was to go with the flow when the flow was headed toward Niagara Falls.

The January 6th committee is composed of mouth breathing Trump haters whose view of reality is blocked by evil smelling fog generated by their own hate speech. Ironically, they may be at serious risk of accidentally exposing the truth, and the truth can be powerful beyond imagination. If you doubt that, and have a strong stomach, watch the Johnny Depp – Amber Heard trial.

One thing is certain, Trump never considered using the military or armed militia to over throw the U.S. government by force. That is absurd. It is beyond absurd. It is absurdly, absurd. That will become obvious because it is obvious. The only people hyperventilating about January 6th, are the people who have the most to fear from reality TV. What makes this doubly dangerous for them is that they just aren’t listening. Otherwise, they would know that some report that as many as 45% of Democrats think there were serious problems with the 2020 election. About 99.95% of Republicans and 75% of Independents knew this from day one. This leaves only two options, either the January 6th Committee knows facts ignored by everyone else, they are much smarter than everyone else, or they are the ones who are delusional. Bets anyone? Anyone? D Day all over again, only this time D Day stands for “Dumb Day.”