It is now beyond obvious that Joe Biden is a complete disaster as President of the United States. It is even more obvious that the 2020 election resulted in a worst case scenario where the most powerful man in the world is totally incompetent and there is no available solution to fix this. Even removing Joe Biden solves nothing, because his replacement is Kamala Harris, one of the few people guaranteed to be even worse. This begs the question. How did this happen, who could have prevented it, and who is capable of making sure it never happens again.

Most honest observers realize that there was massive voter fraud during the 2020 election. While this was obvious, that does not mean there was enough evidence instantly available to change the result. Unfortunately, some of the people pretending to be able to lead the charge to overturn the results absolutely failed to deliver. That does not mean, like the MSM pretends, that Trump was lying when he said the election was stolen. That seems to be the most likely explanation for the results. But they are right in pointing out that no one claim close to making the case during the limited time available to change results. In addition, the MSM made zero attempt to investigate it themselves.

Anyone who has been paying attention could have predicted where and when election fraud would occur. It happens every election, it has happened many times in the past, and if nothing changes it will happen again. As far back as I can remember, every close election found us waiting for results from large metropolitan areas famous for voter fraud. Places like Cleveland, Detroit, and Philadelphia immediately spring to mind. While some people blame voting machines, and they may have contributed to this, the real problem is ALWAYS either fraudulent ballots or fraudulent counting of ballots.

There were only a few states that even mattered. Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Virginia, and Florida. That is because these states have a lot of electoral votes and neither side is guaranteed to win. Election fraud may be rampant in places like California and New York, but that is expected, and these states seldom decide a presidential election anymore. There are other states where Democrats rarely win.

The bottom line is that the Trump haters and the Democratic Party was better organized and more motivated to defeat Donald Trump than Republicans were to keep him in office. In addition, Trump was President of the United States, and he did little or nothing to stop this before it happened. While some of the blame must fall on his staff, which may not have provided him with the support he needed, the problem was obvious, and he could and should have done more. If you are President of the United States, then you should have seen this coming and you should have done something to stop it. Trump thought he would win by such a large margin that Democrats wouldn’t be able to steal enough votes. That was a major miscalculation on his part and to some extent he did lose this election.

Democrats clearly had organized teams of people to stuff drop questionable ballots in drop boxes. This was and is a recipe for fraud. But if you knew this was going to happen, you should have prevented it. If there were all these people ready, willing, and able to drop of questionable ballots, Republicans should have organized people ready, willing, and able to prevent this or at least document it. It sure looks like Republicans were asleep at the wheel, even with an obviously dangerous road ahead. Instead, Republicans relied on poll watchers and then did nothing even when they were sometimes blocked from actually observing. The problem was magnified by the see no evil position of the MSM that was conspiring with the DNC to defeat Donald Trump.

I remember a friend of mine who took his son to a Detroit Tigers baseball game. A home run was hit in the stands near him. His boy ran over and tried to get the ball. But he was pushed out of the way by a Black kid who got the ball. The boy was upset, but his father quickly put this in perspective. He said: “you wanted that ball, but he had to have that ball.”  Republicans wanted Trump to win, but Democrats “needed” Joe Biden to win. That is why we are here and why this cannot be fixed until Republicans want this bad enough to do whatever it takes to fix it.

This is remarkably similar to the Democratic approach to gun control. Democrats want to end gun violence by enacting laws that only make it more difficult for lawful citizens to get a gun. Criminals don’t care about any laws, including gun laws. Republicans are pointing out, correctly, that the path to less gun violence is to arrest, convict and detain criminals caught with possession of an illegal firearm.

Republicans need to take a similar approach to election reform. Stop focusing on things that have not and will not work and recognize the real problem. You are consistently out hustled by Democrats who simply want power more than you. They are winning and that won’t change until they muck things up so bad it won’t matter, or until Republicans learn how to play hardball.

You can’t fix anything until you first do failure analysis to determine what really went wrong and then develop a plan of action to fix it.


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