Everyone, in both parties, agrees that Joe Biden is a complete flop as President. They also agree that Kamala Harris is not an acceptable replacement. Incredibly, the line of success for a President of the United States is a follows:

Vice President – Kamala Harris

Speaker of the House – Nancy Pelosi

President pro tempore of the Senate – Patrick Leahy

Secretary of State – Antony Blinken

Secretary of the Treasury – Janet Yellen

Secretary of Defense – Lloyd Austin

Attorney General – Merrick Garland

Secretary of the Interior – Deb Haaland

Secretary of Agriculture – Tom Vilsack

Secretary of Commerce – Gina Raimondo

Secretary of Labor – Marty Walsh

Secretary of Health and Human Servics – Xavier Becerra

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development – Marcia Fudge

Secretary of Transportation – Pete Buttigieg

Secretary of Energy – Jennifer Granholm

Secretary of Education – Miguel Cardona

Secretary of Veteran Affairs – Denis McDonough

Secretary of Homeland Security – Alejandro Mayorkas


If you can read this list without throwing up, you have a stronger digestive system than me.  Elections have consequences. This is what the geniuses who rigged the 2020 election have delivered to the American people.

The only alternative is for the Vice President to leave office, for any reason. Then the President “selects” a new Vice President to fill out the remainder of the term. The new Vice President must be approved by both the House and the Senate. Then and only then is the President removed. That is how Gerald Ford became President.

Some have suggested that Biden could be removed and replaced by Obama. But there would be a lot of opposition to that, in both parties, and it is questionable whether Obama is even eligible. He certainly is not eligible to run again and something like that would likely end up at the Supreme Court. This is probably Obama’s dream, but a nightmare for everyone else.

In the meantime, the clock is ticking rapidly, because of the mid-term elections. If Democrats wait any period of time, it will be increasingly obvious that Republicans are going to retake the House and the Senate. Trying to force something like this during the midterms with a lame duck congress where the Senate is already tied and Democrats control the house with paper thin margins, would be a real challenge. A challenge magnified if Kamala Harris is no longer VP, because she currently casts the deciding vote in the Senate.

I frankly cannot even imagine a solution to this, other than to point out the obvious, that overturning the results of the 2020 election is far from the worse case scenario, even for the Democratic establishment. History teaches us that Winston Churchill was considered the worst possible choice for Prime Minister, by all parties, until the reality of World War II made him the only choice. This is impossible to predict, but it is what happens when the MSM and the Democratic Party conspired with social media in a joint effort to defeat Trump with little regard to what takes his place. When you combine the recent reports that just may prove that even this coalition was not enough, this result was gained by people literally stuffing ballot boxes with illegal votes, and outrage is not a strong enough word to describe how the American people are likely to respond.

What we do know is that the American people are already rebelling and as always it starts locally. The Chief Executive of Kenosha County is now a Republican, something no one would have predicted six months ago.

School boards all over the country are seeing liberal board members removed and replaced with angry parents who have had more than enough. This is so obvious and so bad that even CNN is likely to notice, that is the few survivors of the ongoing CNN purge will notice.

The only thing certain is change, change at a level not seen in this country for a long time, if ever. Change that is already happening, change that cannot be avoided and change we all better pray is led by people far more responsible than the class of clowns that delivered this disaster. My only prediction is that the most popular choice will be “none of the above.”


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