Oh my. Just when you thought things could not get worse, they got worse. Joe Biden is now publicly flailing, and it is increasingly difficult for anyone to ignore. Yet, no matter who bad this gets, Kamala Harris consistently finds a way to be worse. The sad reality is that the Prospect of President Kamala Harris is the best, perhaps only, possible argument for keeping President Joe Biden.

Jen Psaki has the impossible task of pretending that abject failure is secretly an accomplishment. The closest they come is the “bi-partisan” infrastructure bill, but that ship has sailed, unlike those stacked up in Long Beach Harbor. The result is that it is nearly impossible to find anything that looks like a positive change. On the other hand, the problems are all too evident.

Every time someone fills up their car with gas, they think of Joe Biden. When they pay higher prices at the Supermarket, they think of Joe Biden. When they see their stock portfolio shrink, they think of Joe Biden. When they have to get another booster shot and still have to wear a mask and social distance for the disease he promised to conquer, they think of Joe Biden. Joe is the gift that keeps on giving.

Every time he makes a public appearance, he makes things worse. He constantly struggles to read a TelePrompter. He grimaces and clenches his teeth. He looks around for someone to tell him where to go. He never answers any real questions. When someone asked Vladimir Putin about Joe Biden running for re-election, Putin could not resist laughing. The entire world is laughing. But people here in the United States are not laughing, they are buying “Let’s Go Brandon” tee shirts.

People have noticed. Prominent Democrats have looked at the polls and started plans for retirement. Nancy Pelosi “apparently” bought a $25 million home in Jupiter, Fl. But it doesn’t end with Democratic politicians. It is now impacting their supporters in the MSM. Chris Cuomo is in serious trouble and may be gone permanently. Among the people demanding CNN fire him includes the ladies on the View and the Atlantic. Chris, if you are a liberal news anchor and you lost the Atlantic, you lost the country. Even Brian Stelter, who is seldom right about anything, has trashed Chris Cuomo.

Meanwhile the lies told by Democrats and their supporters in the MSM are on full display. The Russian Collusion hoax has not only been completely discredited, but important people are also at risk of going to jail for committing fraud.  People are waking up to the level of deception by the MSM. It is quite likely that the next pillar to fall will be the myth that there was no evidence of voter fraud during the 2020 election. Democrats have foolishly set up this January 6th commission, hoping to continue the illusion that Trump and his supporters tried to stage an insurrection. The problem is that the more people learn about this, the more likely evidence showing who was and was not lying about things. Remember that truth is always the best defense. If you think people are angry now, just imagine if it becomes undeniable that the election was a fraud. Now imagine that it is obvious that the MSM knew this, and chose to lie about it, because the only thing that mattered was hating Donald Trump.

Change is coming, more extensive change than you can even imagine and at a speed that will take your breath away. The important lesson about Chris Cuomo is that his protective shield was disappeared. This is not because they really care about what he did. They don’t. They expect that. This is because they no longer consider him to be of value. He is already so “yesterday.” Others will soon join the parade. Other than the Chicago Cubs, few teams famous for losing maintain fan support. Even the Cubs realized change was necessary, because at losing is, well, losing.

People who considered themselves safe find themselves perched high on a cliff best described as “Whethering Heights.”  When the whethering is over, expect spectacular falls.