My office has a large picture window. We have a couple flocks of turkeys who come to visit on a regular basis. They can be very entertaining. My windows are tinted such that I can see out, but people on the outside cannot see me. Neither can the turkeys. As a result, I sometimes see one staring at his or her reflection in the window. Sometimes they seem pleased, other times they want to attack. Perhaps the most entertaining time is when a couple of male turkeys are putting on a show in an attempt to impress the female turkeys. Male turkeys really enjoy strutting their stuff.

Unfortunately, not all of the turkeys we encounter are wild birds. Lately it seems like our entire government is being run by a flock of turkeys displaying behavior remarkably similar to the wild birds.

They tend to flock together, without much thought and with little or no regard to anyone else. They seldom look or act organized. They eat up everything in sight. They leave a lot of debris and particular bird poop behind. They can also be extremely noisy. When threatened they tend to take flight, but usually land just a few feet away from the original location and then continue as before. While often entertaining and fun to watch, the reality is that they do a lot of damage and don’t accomplish much.

While the similarities are obvious, the turkeys in government can be far more destructive, there are far too many of them and this has reached the point where action is required. In the real world, when there are too many wild turkeys, someone usually demands action. The best result for the turkeys is that they are captured alive and released elsewhere, far way. Sometimes, in extreme cases, hunting permits are handled out through a lottery system allowing fortunate winners to obtain a less expensive source of meat for Thanksgiving. Neither of these options are available regarding the human turkeys in government. They must either muck things up so much that they are recalled or impeached, or people must wait for the next election.

Those who watched the 2020 election with any objectivity have difficulty being overly optimistic. But there are signs that things will be vastly different in 2022. One is that even in Virginia, with a long history of Democrats winning elections without regard to the popularity or quality of the Democratic candidate, FOB Terry McAuliffe lost, and he lost big. Another is that a lot of Democrats are deciding now is a wonderful time to choose retirement. Nancy Pelosi has allegedly bought a $25 million mansion on Jupiter Island Florida, where she can a retirement with lower taxes, less crime and without those annoying COVID 19 restrictions that don’t work. All of this funded by San Francisco residents putting up with the stench of the “turkey poop” she left in her wake.

So, this Thanksgiving, I give thanks to the turkeys. Some of them have made the ultimate sacrifice so that our Thanksgiving dinner can be special. Others provide welcome displays of entertainment. But best of all, the most dangerous and annoying turkeys pretending to serve in government are flocking together toward on a unified mission to attain the political version of the Darwin Awards. It is the ultimate Turkey Trot. Give thanks.