Hosea 8:7 “For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.”

Joe Biden has been having a not so good, very bad, awful, month (year). The Democratic Party has been cratering along with him. Last night, as I watched those horrible pictures from Waukesha, I immediately knew something was wrong, very wrong. It was clear that they knew who did this but were not giving any details. It took me about six minutes to figure out why. I listened to a broadcast of the original police report and the officers were all screaming about a black male driving a red Ford Escape. They apparently found his ID in the vehicle when they found it.

The suspect’s name is Darrell Edward Brooks. He lives in Milwaukee and traveled to Waukesha to do this. Since I lived in Wisconsin let me add a couple details. Milwaukee is very liberal, and the black population is about 38.8%. Waukesha is very conservative place with the black population of around 2%. Waukesha is the kind of place one chooses to distance oneself from Milwaukee.

CBS immediately tried to excuse his inexcusable behavior by saying he may have been involved in a knife fight. Some speculated it was the police’s fault because he was fleeing a police chase and just chose the wrong route. He has been a busy man. He apparently has two open criminal cases against him, for two felonies and two misdemeanors. He was considered indigent, so was provided a public defender. He was charged with Bail Jumping Felony, 2nd Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety, Domestic Abuse Assessments, Disorderly Conduct, and Battery. He posted cash bail of $1,000 on November 19, 2021, and was free to do.  He appears to have a very long criminal record.

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His twitter account, MathBol Fly includes a video of him making an anti-Trump rap saying “F…Donald Trump, F…Pigs and saying was an AK47 like Malcom X.

Media Right News (@MediaRightNews1) / Twitter

His twitter account has lots of this stuff. But you are unlikely to hear about any of this from the MSM. You certainly won’t hear about this from Joe Biden or the White House. You also won’t hear much from Milwaukee County DA John Chisolm who was bragging about “not keeping individuals held unnecessary on cash bail in the Milwaukee County jail.

Cernovich on Twitter: “Waukesha massacre suspect Darrell Edward Brooks was released from Milwaukee County jail on $1,000 bail earlier this week. Here is Soros affiliated Milwaukee district attorney John Chisholm bragging about abolishing bail and congratulating other Soros DAs.” / Twitter

There will be no rush to judgment on Mr. Brooks. Instead, news anchors in the MSM will warn us not to get out over our skiis. We must wait for all the facts, before judging him. These, of course, will be the same news anchors in the MSM who demanded a rush to judgment regarding that famous white supremacist (not), who crossed state lines with an illegal AR 15 (not), to go to Kenosha and kill heroic black men just trying to peacefully protest shooting an unarmed man (not), who was shot only because he was black (not). But the facts were irrelevant then, because Kyle Rittenhouse is white and that made him a white supremacist and made this incident involving all white people, all about systemic racism. By the way, I do blame the adults on the scene to let a 17 year old like Kyle Rittenhouse run around with an AR 15. That was a recipe for disaster with the most like outcome Rittenhouse being the victim of violence.

When Fox News reports some, but not all of this, the MSM will pounce and accuse them of, once again, supporting white supremacy. The MSM will also be desperately searching for Susan, or should I say “some” explanation other than the obvious. This guy just may have been triggered by all the news coverage slamming those racist white jurors for acquitting Kyle Rittenhouse. Who could blame him, when even the President of the United States expressed outrage? When the White House press secretary warning about armed vigilantes protecting property ignoring the obvious that such “vigilantes” wouldn’t be there if the police and National Guard were available. And, by the way, it is extremely rare for one of these “armed vigilantes” to shoot anyone, because most rational people avoid getting into conflicts with people carrying an AR 15, which is kind of the reason they have them.

The problem for Democrats, Joe Biden, and the MSM is that this case is too horrific, the truth is coming out, and it is another nail in their rapidly sinking community coffin. It is Democrats, Joe Biden and the MSM that has been sowing the seeds of discontent and they, along with those innocent people in Waukesha, are reaping the Whirl Wind. A lot of people figured that out, before this horrific event. These are the times that try men’s souls, and also energize them to fight back.