It should be obvious that if one intends to obtain power by any means necessary, one should be prepared to manage such power if successful. Few people not relying totally on misinformation by MSM outlets regarding the 2020 election believe that this election was even close to fair and square. While some conspiracy theories were admittedly absurd, there are far too many legitimate questions that demand investigation. Regardless of how that election was conducted, Democrats succeeded, whether fairly or not, to control of the House, control of the Senate, and the Presidency. What could possibly go wrong? We now know. The House is a mess because the squad foolishly believes the insane promises made by Pelosi to remain speaker. The Senate is a mess because Manchin, Sinema and others are not on board with the insanity. That would be bad enough, but an even bigger problem is the obvious senility and incompetence of Joe Biden. But the most severe problem is that with Kamala Harris as VP, there is no exit strategy available.

After Virginia, Democrats are increasingly terrified that the 2022 midterm elections will be a total wipeout. If that happens, their only consolation will be controlling the Presidency. Oops, that would be relying on Joe Biden. Wise Democrats are probably near hysteria. Normally, when there is a genuine problem with the President the solution would be removal from office either by invoking the 25th Amendment or impeachment. But even that drastic action is not possible because, incredibly, Kamala Harris would be even worse than Joe Biden, much worse. Her approval rating is about 28% and dropping. There are numerous reports that the Biden administration is trying to distance themselves from her. She has responded by claiming this is evidence of sexism and racism. Wow!

Few people, in either party, find this situation remotely acceptable. Democrats probably figure the worst case scenario would be overturning the 2020 election, because that would return Trump to power with a Republican House and a Republican Senate. Yet, despite the obvious problems with Biden, replacing him is also not an option. Plus, his health looks increasing questionable, and he could literally exit this planet prematurely creating President Kamala Harris no matter what anyone wants. Something must be done, and it must be done sooner rather than later. It sure looks like the only possible solution is to replace Kamala Harris with someone actually capable of being President and then finding a way to give Joe a graceful exit. Removing Kamala Harris is one thing, replacing her is another. Both the House and the Senate must affirm the nomination of anyone to be Vice President. In addition, the only person who can nominate someone is, gasp, Joe Biden. Today that would be a perplexing task, even though the House and the Senate are controlled by Democrats, because the margin is so small. Anyone acceptable to “the squad” would not be acceptable to other Democrats. They would have to find someone that could get bi-partisan support. One wonders if such person exists.

But if it is difficult today, it would be impossible after the 2020 midterm elections, assuming Republicans retake the House and the Senate. In other words, Democrats in their lust to achieve power have put themselves in double jeopardy with no pain free exit.