It appears that the first time “SOS” was used when after the Titanic struck an iceberg. It was Morse Code for Save Our Ship. Now one could argue that “SOS” stands for “Stuck on Stupid.” The Democratic Party is officially stuck on stupid, with predictable results. Democrats were forced to choose Joe Biden as their nominee for President, even though he was clearly unqualified for the job. Biden has a long history of telling ridiculous lies and being wrong on almost every major foreign policy decision. His family appears to be hopelessly corrupt, and he has a personal history of creepy behavior. He has zero public speaking ability and is absolutely incapable of reading a room.  In his previous attempts to run for President he was basically laughed out of the contest with about 5% of the vote. In fact, during the 2020 primary season, the same thing was happening to Biden until the South Carolina Primary. Everybody in both parties knew he was a loser. Ultimately Democrats were forced to choose between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. They reluctantly chose Biden. Incredibly, he was still better than all the other Democrats who ran for President. Astonishing when you think about it.

Compare that to the Republicans who ran for President in 2016.  John Kasich, Gov of Ohio; Ted Cruz, Sen from Texas; Marco Rubio, Sen from Florida; Ben Carson, Neurosurgeon; Jeb Bush, Gov of Florida; Jim Gilmore, Gov of Virginia, Chris Christie, Gov of New Jersey; Carly Fiorina, CEO of Hewlett-Packard; Rick Santorum, Sen from Pennsylvania; Rand Paul, Sen from Kentucky; and Mike Huckabee, Gov of Arkansas. Any of them far superior to Joe Biden. They lost because Donald Trump beat them.

In addition, Republican candidates who withdrew before the primaries included George Pataki, Gov of New York; Lindsey Graham, Sen from South Carolina; Bobby Jindal, Gov of Louisiana; Scott Walker, Gov of Wisconsin; and Rick Perry, Gov of Texas.  Even these guys, none of whom came close, are all better than Joe Biden.

The result is that even though Democrats control the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, they have not been able to accomplish ANYTHING. Instead, Joe Biden made a bunch of idiotic executive decisions, all of which made everything worse. I cannot think of a single thing that has improved since the 2020 election. But we have achieved the worst military defeat and diplomatic fiasco in American History. The whole world is either throwing up or laughing at us. Unemployment is skyrocketing, crime is skyrocketing, gas prices are skyrocketing. Heck, the cost of everything is skyrocketing and due to worldwide supply problems, even with the higher costs, businesses have trouble even getting product. These are just some of the problems and Joe’s only plan is to force everyone, except illegal aliens, to get vaccinated. Democrats still desperately try to blame everything on Donald Trump, but that ship has sailed.

For months we heard about the bi-partisan infrastructure bill and the $3.5 trillion mega deal. Both of them went completely down in flames. Democrats didn’t come close to passing either. Instead, as I predicted, Democrats and Republicans united on the one thing that always unites them, kicking the debt ceiling limit a little farther down the road.

Think about this for a minute and allow yourself a tiny little smile. Joe Biden is obviously a disaster, but if he were to be replaced, what Democrat is available to do the job? Joe Manchin would have zero chance of getting support from the Democratic Party. Gov Cuomo has resigned and Gov Newsom was nearly recalled. Name the Democratic Governor with nationwide name recognition. Don’t bother, there are none. The somewhat well-known names, like Gretchen Witmer from Michigan and Phil Murphy from New Jersey have serious problems in their own states. Democrats literally have no bench. Instead, they have “leaders” like AOC, who are actually neither talented nor smart.

Mitch McConnell just destroyed Chuck Schumer by agreeing only to suspend the debt limit and doing nothing else. He didn’t even agree to raise the debt limit, instead he said that was the Democrats job. The problem for Democrats is that their margin in the House is razor thin and they have zero margin in the Senate. The progressives are demanding huge spending bills and the moderates are saying no way.  There are about 48 progressives in the House, so it will be extremely difficult for Democrats to pass something they oppose. Yet any legislation acceptable to progressives will not be acceptable to moderates. The result is that while Democrats have a majority, they have no leadership, and they are bitterly divided. The Republican party, on the other hand, appears to be very united and even RINO Republicans are sniffing the air, sensing the sweet, sweet smell of victory.

The few remaining smart Democrats have to be looking at Biden’s polling results and experiencing night sweats just thinking about the 2022 election. Many feared that Biden would be a puppet president, but it is clear he is making his own decisions. Even Obama has started to trash Biden. He only listens when someone reminds him to put on his mask, refuse to answer questions and where to locate the ice cream.

No one in either party is expressing any confidence that Democrats will do well in the 2022 elections. An off year election is historically bad for the party in power. When you combine this with the disastrous performance by the Biden administration, a perfect storm is brewing. Democrats know they are in serious trouble, but the biggest problem is not the polling, it is the increasing evidence that they are stuck on stupid.