I must admit that I have never watched the View. My only knowledge of the show comes from internet reporting, mostly negative. But I did watch a replay of the fiasco last week and it was EXTREMELY valuable.

Here are a series of video’s:

The View: Co-Hosts Test Positive for COVID on Live TV! – Bing video

This is beyond ridiculous. These hosts were expelled from the set because Kamala Harris was scheduled to appear. They could not risk exposing her to COVID. When she did appear, it was remotely, not in the studio.

Kamala Harris’ in-studio ‘The View’ interview goes on remotely after 2 hosts test positive for COVID-19 – Chicago Sun-Times (

When Harris appeared, remotely, she said they would both be fine because they had been vaccinated. But it gets even better because it turned out neither of them actually had COVID. They were “false positives.”

What a joke. Here is what was reported today:

‘The View’ hosts say they had false positive Covid tests during Kamala Harris interview (

“Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro were pulled off the air Friday in a startling moment of live television that forced an abbreviated Harris interview to be conducted remotely.

None of the hosts who were on Friday came into contact with Harris. Hostin and Navarro, along with Joy Behar and Sara Haines, were tested multiple times over the weekend and all results were negative, the show said.

“It really was uncomfortable for my results to be released publicly before I even knew what was going on,” Hostin said on Monday.

She said her husband, a doctor, had to be pulled out of surgery as a precautionary measure when the news became known, and her children were taken out of school. All are safe, she said.

“I was flabbergasted,” Navarro said.”

So, here’s the deal. All of the hosts were vaccinated. They were tested multiple times, all negative. Then, just before the show, they were tested again, to be double damn sure, and two of them tested positive. The show was a mess where the remaining hosts had to ask for questions from the audience. Kamala Harris was too terrified to show in person, so they rigged up a video feed. She still managed to botch almost everything she said about the border crisis, the crisis she is supposed to be managing. Now were learn that the two hosts weren’t positive after all.

But the damage wasn’t limited to a stupid TV show. Oh no, Sunny Hostin’s husband is a surgeon and they literally pulled him out of surgery because of the positive test. And, by the way, her kids were pulled from school.

If people were paying attention, and that is questionable, lessons were learned. One is that we are testing far too many people far too often. Another is that at least some of the positive tests are false positives. In addition, the response to the false positives, from two fully vaccinated people who had tested negative numerous times recently, resulted in a surgeon being pulled from surgery, kids being pulled from school and the Vice President of the United States too terrified to visit the set of the View.

This is mostly funny, but it is also public display proving that the Biden Administration is literally insane regarding COVID. Today Joe is publicly getting a booster shot. People are wearing masks all the time. People are being forced to be vaccinated, including some people who are already immune and others who have very little risk of getting sick if they catch COVID. Its’ become a mad, mad, mad, mad world and it is increasingly clear that the inmates are running the institution.

All of this was put on display in full public view, yet my guess is that most of the people dumb enough to watch this program failed to grasp the significance of what was going on, even though it was in full view.


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