If you have spent any amount of time watching murder mysteries a couple of things become clear. One is that there is a big difference between believing someone is guilty of a crime and proving someone is guilty. It is also obvious that sometimes the best detectives get this wrong. They start out assuming one person is responsible only to later be confronted with facts proving them wrong. Sometimes, even when all the facts seem to line up, the truth remains elusive. That is one reason these shows can be so intriguing.

There are also times when detectives are convinced of someone’s guilt, they are right about it, but they cannot prove it. Sometimes, justice delayed truly is justice denied. The problem is exasperated by the fact that a really smart criminal can sometimes be very skilled at not leaving any evidence.

We recently had a case like that in the Sacramento area. The following article describes this case:

Golden State Killer admits to dozens of rapes, 13 murders (apnews.com)

In this case the killer was nicknamed the Golden state Killer. It took over ten years before police even figured out that a serious of assaults in Central and Northern California were connected to slayings in Southern California. Actually, they never figured out who had done this. What happened was that critical DNA evidence has been preserved. But no one matched that DNA. Then someone, in a stroke of brilliance, searched a genealogical DNA database to look for “similar” DNA from potential relatives. They found “distant relatives” matching the DNA. Then, when they figured out the prime suspect was Joseph James DeAngelo, they still had to get a sample of his DNA. They got it from the door of a car driven by him while he was shopping at Hobby Lobby. Later they found more DNA in his trash.

How Investigators Got the Golden State Killer Suspect’s DNA | Time

There is no doubt that DeAngelo was the guy, he eventually confessed. But some people were troubled at the thought that police could get forensic access to people’s DNA who were clearly not involved in this crime at all. It is reported that two states, Maryland, and Montana, now limit forensic genealogy because of this concern.

The point being that when dealing with very bright criminals it is often difficult, if not impossible to get the evidence necessary to convict them. In the case of DeAngelo he wasn’t even a suspect until someone did the forensic DNA analysis of people not involved in the crime.

A lot of people were very frustrated at the length of time it took John Durham to finally indict someone who matters. It seems pretty obvious, just from what was reported in the MSM, that the Hillary campaign had basically planted fake evidence to create the Russian collusion myth. Some people still believe the myth, because they need to believe that Trump was compromised by Russia. But in reading the actual indictment handed down against Michael Sussman it is now easy to understand why this took so long. Here is a copy of the actual Indictment:

Sussmann Indictment | PDF (scribd.com)

I must admit this also explains why people like James Comey took these allegations seriously. It also explains why some in the MSM bought the story. Some of them still buy the story because they want to believe. What Durham has done is to build his case and slowly and methodically document it down, in some cases, to the very minute. We can be certain that some very highly compensated and skilled attorneys are already working overtime to fight this indictment. If Durham had not taken the time and effort to investigate this case it is likely that no indictment and certainly no criminal charges would have been the result. Instead, the Russian collusion myth would have continued forever, in at least the minds of those most fixated on hating Donald Trump.

This is also a reminder of why a quick investigation into the obvious election fraud we all saw during the 2020 election had no chance of succeeding. But there is another story out there, just surfacing, that may change that too. We all know about the forensic audit in Arizona. There has never been an election scrutinized to this level of detail. But other people were working on this from a very different angle. They have been reviewing hours and hours of CCV video. It turns out that in a lot of cases, the voter lock boxes were under constant video surveillance. There are allegations that they now have video of people, carrying bags of ballots, and dropping them off into several different lock boxes at multiple locations. We have all seen detective shows where someone was looking at hours of video tape watching for one minute detail that helped solve a crime. Well, it appears that a team of people may have been doing exactly that regarding the 2020 election. Here is what Breitbart had to say on the topic:

True The Vote Conducting Massive Clandestine Voter Fraud Investigation (breitbart.com)

If accurate, this is astonishing. They apparently started by getting a collection of cellphone GPS data in key election hot spots. This included evaluating 10 trillion cell phone pings. They then used this data to gather surveillance video on drop boxes in Georgia and other states. Incredibly, they are talking about viewing two million minutes of video. There are apparently at least three teams of analysts still pouring through the data. True the Vote is responsible for this effort. It is just possible they may be close to producing evidence that will prove a significant amount of systemic fraud during the 2020 election. Perhaps even enough to overturn the results.

It has already shown why this was such a daunting task and why the evidence rushed together following the election was obvious inadequate to convince a court of law. It will be very interesting to see what happens next. It could be beyond explosive.

When you combine this with the obvious mess being inflicted on the entire world by the Biden administration, then almost anything is possible. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and some people literally may have looked at two million pictures.

In the meantime, Bull Durham may have done us all a favor by refused to be rushed and by also refusing to back off.


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