The California recall election is tomorrow, September 14, 2021, sorta. That is the date on the Calendar, but since every single registered voter in California got a printed ballot and a return envelope, a lot of people have already voted. If you want to vote in person, you can do that. But no one is going to bother checking any ID. That is irrelevant in California.

What to Bring to Your Polling Place :: California Secretary of State

“In most cases, a California voter is not required to show identification to a polling place worker before casting a ballot.”

California is all in on vote by mail. Both Democrats and Republicans have previous referred to vote by mail as a recipe for fraud, because it is a recipe for fraud. In California vote harvesting is allowed, which means you can turn in a ballot for someone else. Nice! This is illegal in most states for a reason. Not here.

This is the reason most pundits predict Gavin Newsom will win. But he isn’t acting like someone who expects to win. He has Joe Biden campaigning for him. That is an act of pure desperation. I don’t recall seeing a single ad praising Gov. Newsom, other than Barack Obama saying he kept us safe from COVID. Many commercials warn against the Republican recall and literally say people will die if we remove Newsom and replace him with an anti-vax Trump Republican. For the record, the Republican candidates appear to have been vaccinated and all encourage vaccination. They just don’t want to make vaccinations mandatory.

People are assuming that because there are so many more Democrats than Republicans in California that higher voter turnout means Newsom wins. The theory is that Newsom will only lose if Democrats stay home, and Republicans turn out in force. That is one of the reasons Democrats are all in on vote by mail, it is easier for lazy people to vote. If more people vote, they win. Or, at least they think they win.

But not all Democrats may be buying the mandatory vaccination strategy. They also may not be buying the masking school children hysteria. In other countries, including the UK, kids have been going to school, without masks and without vaccines. You just don’t know that because no one is the MSM dares report that. Instead, we are inundated with people telling us masks work. They save lives. If you only watch the MSM or read newspapers, you probably believe that. But last Saturday and Sunday people showed up in mass for college football games and NFL games and few of them were wearing masks. No one was social distancing. If masks really work, then COVID cases should skyrocket over the next two weeks. If that doesn’t happen, then it is going to be nearly impossible to sell this myth much longer. They sometimes say people vote with their wallet or their feet, last weekend they just may have voted by screaming and yelling at football games.

It will be interesting to see how Hispanics and African Americans vote on the recall. A lot of people who are resisting vaccinations are from these two demographics. They don’t trust the government. Hospital workers and first responders are also pushing back against the vaccine. So are union workers. The questions is how that will impact the way they vote during the recall. It would be foolish to think this will have no impact.

Most people think Newsom wins big and people living here, used to prior elections, expect that result. But if this is even close, that changes everything. Newsom not only needs to win, but he also needs to win big. Watch the reports tomorrow night. If there are very few reports, it will be because Newsom is under performing. If he is way ahead, they will tell us that almost immediately. If they say we won’t know the results for several days, it will be a very bad sign. If, by some miracle, Newsom is behind in the initial reports, expect the counting to continue until the last possible moment as Democrats search for more votes.

So, it would be foolish to have high hopes, but things have changed. Democrats expect to get 75% of the Hispanic vote and 90% of the African American vote. As Joe Biden said, if someone doesn’t vote for him, they aren’t black. This is the same theory that resulted in people campaigning for Newsom calling Larry Elder, who is definitely black, the face of white supremacy. Perhaps I am wrong, but I suspect more than a few Hispanics and African Americans are sick and tired of being taken for granted. When you combine that with being forced to take a vaccine they don’t want, this can be beyond explosive.

If Newsom wins, he loses anyway. If he backs off on the mandatory vaccines and school masking, he will prove himself the ultimate hypocrite. But if he doesn’t, he is up for election again in about a year, and the Republicans will be a lot better prepared to take him on. Think about this. If he wins, because of obvious fraud, then a majority of legal voters rejected his plan of action. He better realize that, or he will be in serious jeopardy. One thing is certain, the least likely thing is if Newsom does the right thing for the right reason. He won’t even consider doing that. Any decision he makes will be based solely on politics.

If he loses, it will send shockwaves across the country and the world. The bottom line is that while I do not know who will win the recall election it do know that the big loser will ultimately be Gavin Newsom. The MSM will never admit that. Neither will the DNC. But secretly they all know this is true. Newsom may or may not continue as governor, but his dreams of being President of the United States are going up in smoke faster than the forests in California. I think Newsom knows that too, which is why we may see a very bitter and angry man tomorrow night, regardless of the reported outcome.


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