I believe pro-choice Democrats may be making an enormous mistake. They were so anxious to rip the Texas law forbidding abortions at six weeks, that they missed something really big. Up until now, pro-choice Democrats have been pushing the big lie, that abortion is only about a woman’s right to choose, about reproductive rights. Nothing else matters. In trying to sell this, they deliberately misrepresented the science and pretended the fetus was not actually a human being, until it was born alive. Then they even stretched that to justify late-term abortions where babies are sometimes born alive and then murdered. They ignored the evil practice of Planned Parenthood buying and selling body parts from aborted fetuses. They got away with this because the MSM was more than happy to go along with the narrative and pretend there was something scientific about this nonsense. As a result, many people gave little or no consideration to the scientific fact that a fetus is a real live human being. That is why this case is so important. It is a reminder that even as early as six weeks, a fetus has its own heartbeat.

Think about this. In the vast majority of cases, the time of death is considered to be the moment the heart stops beating. The heartbeat is the most important symbol of our humanity. That is one reason there are so many songs about a beating heart. Here as just a few:

Beat of My Heart

Every Beat of My Heart

Heart of my Beat

The Beat of My Heart (Is for you)

Kelly Clarkston’s hit “Heartbeat Song” includes a recording of her daughter River’s heartbeat, record while she was still in the womb.

When Jen Psaki arrogantly shut down a male reporter for daring to ask an obvious question about the obvious conflict between Joe Biden’s alleged catholic faith and his pro-abortion stance, she made this impossible to ignore. While Democrats will predictably focus on the extremely small number of cases, like rape and incest, where one could at least argue that abortion is possibly the lesser of two evils, a lot of people will be stunned at the scientific fact that, yes, a baby does have its own heartbeat as early as six weeks into the pregnancy.  Ms. Psaki would also be wise to consider that some of the strongest voices in the pro-life movement are women. Women who have been pregnant often consider the child they have borne or are bearing to be a gift of God.

While the predictable voices are huffing and puffing about the Texas law prohibiting abortions, they just may have changed this topic forever. The more people learn about fetal development, the more likely that are to become pro-life. Even those who consider themselves to be pro-choice, seldom believe that abortion should be acceptable and even good under any circumstances.

Hundreds of pregnant women and new mothers have been accused of child abuse or other crimes if they used illegal substances while pregnant. This varies significantly by state. If a child is born alive, and abandoned by the mother, that is almost always a crime. If you kill a pregnant woman, you are likely to be charged with two murders, not just one. Scot Peterson can tell you all about that. Yet, in most states, it is perfectly legal to kill that same baby if it is done through abortion. It has always been intellectually indefensible to treat the same unborn child completely differently if the child dies as the result of an abortion or from any other cause. A child either has independent rights, as a living human being, or it does not. If abortion is to be justified that should be after recognition that abortion, like murder, is the killing of a living human being. There is nothing scientific about pretending that a fetus with its own heartbeat is not a living being.

One of the first rules passed in any society is about when it is and is not acceptable to kill someone. If someone is trying to kill you, you have the right to defend yourself. That has been true in almost every culture since the beginning of time. That is why the term “justifiable homicide” exists in our laws. It is still a homicide, which is always bad, but there are times when it is considered justifiable, such as in self-defense.

Incredibly the pro-choice movement frequently accuses the pro-life crowd of being hypocrites if they are in favor of the death penalty. I have always found that logic to be astonishingly bad and often wonder why no one in the MSM ever calls them out on this. It is easy to reconcile the belief that all life is sacred while having a legal standard for killing someone when the circumstances justify it. In both cases the value of the life is recognized.

I personally do not like the death penalty for several reasons. One is that there is a history of it being applied more often to black defendants than white defendants. That is indefensible. In addition, with the development of DNA, there is proof that at least some people were sentenced to death for crimes they did not commit. In addition, sometimes sentencing someone to death actually rewards them. They get years of free legal defense, often paid by taxpayers. They get a lot of undeserved publicity and even more undeserved sympathy from those more focused on the death penalty than the crime which triggered the sentence. It often takes years to carry out a death sentence and a lot of people on death row die of old age. I would rather see people sentenced quickly to life without the possibility of parole. In some cases that may be a sentence worse than death.

In any event, I really think pro-choice Democrats have made an enormous mistake. The Texas law may or may not survive the ultimate Supreme Court challenge, but it has already reminded people of something the pro-choice people want everyone to ignore. The beat of a heart is really important.


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