The story is told that all the animals left the Ark after Noah opened the doors. But later he found a tiny snake, hiding inside the Ark, afraid to venture out into the brave new world. “What is the matter” asked Noah. The snake replied: “You told us to be fruitful and multiply, but I’m an adder.”  Today we are seeing a lot of things that are not adding up, particularly regarding COVID. Consider the following “facts” widely reported:

Millions of people have already had COVID. I saw one estimate that half the population may have had COVID.

There have been 39,279,057 cases in the U.S. Everyone agrees the actual number is higher because this only counts people who tested positive. A lot of people have had COVID who did not get sick. There have been 638,689 deaths from COVID. There are numerous reports that this may be overstated because it did not differentiate from people who died “with” COVID from people who died “from” COVID.

But let’s assume both numbers are accurate. The same report states that 174,660,017 or 52.6% of the population has been fully vaccinated, or about 61.5% of people over age 12 and 81.8%of people over age 65.

Now if you add 39,279,057 to 174,660,017 you get 213,935,074 people which is 64% of the entire population. When you add in the obvious assumption that a lot of people had COVID and never got tested, you start rapidly running out of people capable of getting the disease. So one has to ask why all these new cases, especially among vaccinated people and school age children? Perhaps the answer is that COVID tests being used are not accurate. That while they do a fairly good job of finding COVID, they also do a good job of finding other diseases. There are numerous scientific journals documenting this. There is also good ole common sense. There are documented cases of people who tested positive for COVID, had what they considered to be COVID symptoms, and then found out that they never had COVID at all. There are also professional athletes who tested positive on Monday and took the field again on Wednesday after passing two COVID tests. These are either indicative of a miracle cure or a false positive.

Isn’t it convenient, for the vaccine and mask crowd, that there is this sudden surge in COVID cases? Why the sudden increase in people, including vaccinated people, testing “positive” for COVID. The only sure way to determine if they, or anyone else, really had COVID would be to test for antibodies. But the CDC does not encourage testing for antibodies, because then people who have antibodies can argue against getting vaccinated. This is true even though there are very credible peer reviewed studies proving that people with COVID antibodies are far less likely to get COVID than someone who is vaccinated.

The bottom line is there are a lot of people absolutely desperate to keep the pandemic going, especially in places like Florida and Texas. Keep in mind that people who would consider literally stealing a Federal Election for President would hardly hesitate to fudge a few numbers regarding COVID. I am close to the point where it is impossible to take the CDC reporting seriously.

We will soon know. The recall election for Gavin Newsom is on September 14th, 2021. I am sure Democrats are desperately trying to steal enough votes to carry the day, but that may not be enough. It is increasingly obvious that Newsom is terrified. He is looking and acting like someone who is in serious political jeopardy.  The DNC has doubled down on COVID and is saying we need to keep Newsom because we need mask mandates and vaccine mandates, particularly for our school age children. There are already a lot of anecdotal cases about school age children becoming seriously ill with COVID. The Delta Variant is always named. But they aren’t even testing for the Delta Variant in most cases because that is expensive and only a few labs can even do this kind of test.  We know what they are trying to tell us, the question is how many people are buying it. My hunch is a lot less than you think, because of the people showing up at school boards protesting mask and vaccine requirements.

Now before you assume that a majority of people are sheep willing to take the jab and still wear masks, there is increasing evidence of a nationwide backlash. A judge in Illinois removed custody from a mother because she refused to be vaccinated. The outcry was so severe that he reversed himself and then recused himself from the case:

Judge Shapiro recused himself from the case on Tuesday after public backlash.

“Although I believe I can be fair and impartial, the Canons of Judicial Ethics speak to the perception of fairness and impartiality as well as fairness and impartiality itself,” Cook County Judge James Shapiro said in a statement, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

“Public perception may be that I can’t be fair and impartial. Therefore, I am going to recuse myself from further proceedings in this case,” he continued.

One thing is certain, if Newsom gets recalled, it will go off like a nuclear bomb. If Larry Elder gets elected, he has promised to end vaccine and mask mandates immediately. The real question here is how many people want vaccine and mask mandates and how many people are sick of this. I never predict the results of any California election because of the obvious potential for systemic fraud, so it is a wait and see moment.

A lot of people are making decisions and forming opinions based on data that is either non-existent or highly misleading. If you are in Sacramento County, a lot of people are wearing masks again. But some people are not wearing masks and most businesses are not even trying to enforce this. If you go to El Dorado County, then almost no one is wearing a mask. Are people really buying this and anxiously wearing masks, or are they using those masks to hide the frowns?

By the way, two key member of the FDA just resigned in protest. We know there are a lot of doctors out there, from very credible organizations, who are not in tune with the CDC actions. These may not be the last resignations. When you combine that with the blatant lies told by the Biden administration and the gross incompetence regarding our exit from Afghanistan, a perfect political storm may be on the horizon.

If Newsom is not recalled this nonsense may go on for a while but we are nearer the end than we are the beginning. At best, Newsom will have to run to re-election next year. A whole lot of people are up for election in 2022 and unless something changes it is going to be a very rough ride for Democrats. So, when you consider the very real possibility of President Kamala Harris, imagine her dealing with a Republican controlled House and Senate. While Republicans have a knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, the math is simply not adding up. Democrats are hiding and not only are they unlikely to multiply, but they may not even qualify as an adder.


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