I just watched the speech by Joe Biden, and it was stunningly awful. I tried to put this in perspective but cannot think of a single event that even begins to compare with this. Biden is literally bragging about the results, ignoring the obvious fact that this was an unmitigated disaster. One problem is that, as usual, he is clearly reading from a TelePrompter. The only discernable emotion was when he became angry at the thought that people were criticizing him.

He desperately is trying to throw Trump under the bus. But he admitted that he made the decision, in April, to leave on August 31, 2021. He then went into great lengths to blame everyone else, including some of the people currently stranded in Afghanistan. At the same time, he is bragging that the Taliban is saying people who want to leave can have safe passage, he says he cannot trust the Taliban. He is actually admitting this is all his fault because he admitted that the Taliban had agreed to just let us leave, peacefully, on May 31st. Anyone remotely familiar with Afghanistan knows that the area controlled by the Taliban was very limited in May 2021. If we had left on May 31, 2021, odds are most people could have walked safely to the Kabul Airport. During the period from May to August the Taliban completely overran the government and took almost total control of Afghanistan, something Joe Biden kept telling us could never happen. In addition we now know that the Taliban offered to let us keep control of Kabul, but Biden said no, we only need control of the airport. Unbelievable!

I doubt that anyone is buying this feeble attempt to paint this as a success story. But what they will see if the face of the person who owns this disaster. It is often said that there is no bigger fool then someone who acts as his own lawyer. Joe Biden just gave a case study in why that is true. Even those still celebrating the defeat and humiliation of Donald Trump must be concerned about their own future with Joe Biden in charge. When Biden argues that this makes us stronger and safer, I doubt that many, if any, people will believe him.

This is a reminder of why the following expression is so accurate:  “me thinks thee doth protest too much.” The more Biden tries to fervently deny this unprecedented failure, the more obvious the opposite is true. Even the MSM, which has tried desperately to cover up for him is turning on him. No one is buying this.

When Biden was done speaking, he refused to answer any questions, but he did turn back, to get his mask, and put it on walking shuffling slowly out of the room, by himself. It was a poignant image of failure, obvious to everyone but the person most responsible.


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