I do not like Joe Biden. I have never liked Joe Biden. He has been an arrogant, self-righteous, bigoted, lying loser from day one. I cannot recall a single event where Joe Biden even appeared to have done the right thing, for the right reason. When you combine that with his penchant for groping young females and being arrogant and rude to people, there is little to recommend. But even he deserves better than this. What we are witnessing is nothing short of elder abuse. Joe Biden is being propped up as a pretend President and it is clear he also is sick of this and wants it to end.

When Peter Doocy reminded him that he, not Donald Trump was President, Biden literally slumped over.  While Biden is clearly suffering from dementia and he never was that sharp, this can’t be any fun. I do think he was visibly shaken over the American deaths; he just knows he is powerless to change anything. The only time he stops lying is when he says he is doing what he has been told to do.

Any honest President will admit that one of the challenges of the job is that they really can’t just order people to do things. It doesn’t work that way. Eisenhower, who had been Commander-in-Chief of the Allied Invasion, admitted to being frustrated at his inability to issue commands as President. But Eisenhower, like most Presidents, learned how to use the power of his office and to get things done despite the obstacles. Joe Biden cannot do that. No one thinks Biden is in charge of anything. At a time when he just wants to slow down, to rest, to coast on the way out, he is thrust in front of microphones reading words he did not write regarding subjects he sometimes does not understand and probably can’t remember. When you combine this with results so horrible that even Biden cannot pretend things are going well, this has to be eating away at the small part of him that still exists on its own.

As I watched this yesterday it became obvious that the candle on Joe Biden is rapidly running out. Regardless of what Joe or anyone else wants, Joe is simply running on empty. I predict that sooner, rather than later, he will resign, possibly for an unexpected health condition. But the problem for the puppet masters is that the only alternative to Joe is Kamala and she is much worse. No one even pretends she is up to the job and unlike Joe she doesn’t listen. The press, even the so-called right wing conservative press, is actually kind to Joe and respectful to Joe. They will not be kind to Kamala Harris. And, if gasp, she was to resign too, that would result in President Pelosi. No one in either party is up to drinking enough to stomach that sad reality.

No one knows what will happen, but we do know it must happen sooner rather than later. Time waits for no one, and it certainly isn’t waiting much longer for Joe Biden. I would not be surprised if on any morning he just wakes up, says I’m not doing this any more and quits. He won’t ever quit for the right reason; he is still incapable of doing that. But he just may quit because he is totally out of gas. I wonder if his friends and family even realize what they have done. One thing is certain, no one shows even a hint of real compassion for this man. No one who truly cared about Joe Biden could tolerate watching him endure this. This is a case study in elder abuse. Without regard to him at all, they will keep propping him up as long as he is capable of even standing and reading a Teleprompter.

There were times yesterday when I really felt someone should have had the courage to run out there, gently push Joe toward the exit, and said “enough.” This must stop now! But no one even considered doing that. This is like a horrible fight where one boxer is literally pounding the crap out of the other boxer and the referee lacks the common sense or even the courage to stop the fight.

I still remember March 24, 1962. At that time, ABC used to put on the “Fight of the Week” and in 1962 a lot of people were watching. This time the fight was for the Welter Weight championship of the world, between Emil Griffith and Benny “Kid” Paret, held in Madison Square Garden. The fight was a back-and-forth affair. During the 12th round announcer Don Dunphy said this was the tamest round yet, then everything changed. Griffith started to pound Paret, and it became obvious that the fight needed to be stopped. But it wasn’t stopped. Referee Rudy Goldstein let the fight continue. Griffith hit Paret 29 straight times before he finally did stop the fight. It was way too late. Paret was carried from the ring on a stretcher. Ten days later, he died. We were horrified. Like a lot of people, it was no longer fun to watch boxing.

That was one of the saddest things I ever saw. A lot of people wondered why no one stopped that fight sooner. That is exactly the way I felt after watching the Joe Biden press conference yesterday. Only this time it is not just Joe Biden who is at risk, it is all of us.

In the name of God, somebody please stop this. Somebody?


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