The Arizona audit results are in, and they are stunning. Some things are certain. One is that the usual suspects will go postal and immediate challenge the audit. One notes that if the audit supported the original results, this would not be happening. Another is that to the extent possible the MSM will avoid reporting on this at all. This will be dismissed as more delusional nonsense from the basket of deplorables.

It will be beyond interesting to see how well these guys have documented their findings. Based on preliminary reports and the reported double checking of results, this may be very well documented. It better be well documented, because if they did find evidence that Trump actually won the election in Arizona, we will instantly enter a not so brave new world. There are a lot of people who are terrified at the prospect of a legitimate challenge to the 2020 election. They should be. But frankly, they should have been just as worried during the period from November 3, 2020, to January 2, 2021, when a proper investigation could have removed a lot of questions while there was time to fix things. Pretending there are no questions or that they are all illegitimate is a recipe for disaster. A disaster that could have been avoided. A disaster that is looming on the horizon.

Things are so bad that a significant number of Republicans in Southern States are apparently seriously asking whether it is time, again, to secede from the union. That is extremely unlikely to happen, but it is indicative of how seriously people are viewing the problem. Almost anything is possible.

Some were probably hoping that this audit would answer a lot of questions. Actually, it raises more questions than it answered. For example, the audit showed that there were 74,000 ballots received, but there is no record that they were even mailed out. They have found obvious duplicate ballots. In some ways, this was the worst possible result for Democrats. There is no one wildly screaming that Trump won, they just very simply and professionally pointed out reasons why it is impossible to trust the official results. If nothing else, this is a case study in how not to conduct an election. Regardless of the impact on the 2020 results, a lot of people are going to demand changes to prevent this from happening again. This is ridiculous. Here we are, more than 8 months after an election and we don’t really know who won?  Seriously? Frankly, it was better when we just used paper ballots counted by hand. At best, this is hopelessly incompetent. At worst, the 2020 election was stolen. Which do you prefer, mere stupidity or criminality? Neither is remotely acceptable.

Hopefully at least some people will recognize the obvious. This is a serious problem and if it is not fixed a lot of people, perhaps even a majority of people, will lose confidence in the system itself. If you want to see what this looks like, check out Cuba.

Laurence Tribe, a Harvard Law Professor said that Trump should be charged with insurrection over January 6th.

Laurence Tribe: Charge Trump With “Insurrection” Over January 6 | Video | RealClearPolitics

His statement is ridiculous. He says he is not going to judge any of the evidence in advance, but then judges the evidence in advance. Then he mentioned Jeffrey Toobin, yes that Jeffrey Toobin, and says that even though Toobin realizes there are legal problems with doing this for the first time, that is not a reason to not do it.  When Jeffrey Toobin hesitates to do something because he thinks it is stupid, that should really scare people.

This is utter nonsense, particularly from someone who claims to be an expert on the law. Then, incredibly, after not judging the evidence in advance, he opines that “this was the first insurrection that we had since the Civil War.” This is not just wrong, it is not just absurd, it is insane. That causes me to wonder why someone of this stature would say something so ridiculous. The only possible answer is that he is absolutely terrified at the alternative. The alternative being that when Trump said the election was stolen, it was because the election was stolen, and when people responded with anger, they had just cause because the election was stolen and no one in a position of authority was willing to do anything about it. They weren’t even willing to investigate. That should terrify people like Laurence Tribe.

Now, in the ultimate act of absurdity, congress, which should be investigating the 2020 election itself, is instead investigating whether Trump was encouraging an insurrection by pointing out the obvious. We can survive Joe Biden being President. We could even survive having Kamala Harris as President. We can survive Chuck Schumer being Majority Leader of the Senate and Nancy Pelosi being Speaker of the House, all of them pushing insane and irresponsible socialist legislation down our collective throats. It will be painful, but we will survive. But we cannot survive being stupid enough to believe the nonsense about there being zero problems with the 2020 election.

This is rapidly coming to a head. Democrats are pushing legislation to make it far easier to steal elections. Republicans are pushing legislation making it much hard to cheat. Every poll shows the Republicans have the winning argument unless the poll is taken only by anchors in the MSM. Each day provides more proof that these clowns will repeat any Democratic talking point, even when those talking points are not only wrong, but they are also absurd.

Anyone paying attention should realize who is winning and who is losing this argument. The MLB All Star game moved from Atlanta for precisely this reason had dismal ratings. Now the NFL is planning on pushing BLM nonsense and is even planning on playing the “Black National Anthem” before every game. Perhaps people who promote this song should remember that this was a hymn, written as a poem by James Weldon Johnson in 1900 for the Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln. You know “that” Abraham Lincoln. The first REPUBLICAN President. The one who freed the slaves by defeating DEMOCRATS. I doubt that very many African Americans were even consulted about this decision.  There is nothing wrong with the words to the song, just the fact that people forget who made the song necessary and who made it possible. Hint, hint, it was Democrats who made it necessary and Republicans who made it possible. Just saying.

In any event, the only thing certain is turmoil, like we have seldom seen in this country. Those current considering themselves in power, in both parties, are actually on withering heights and sooner than you think that white mountain upon which they have installed their thrones may resemble that condominium tower in Surfside Florida.


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