The Democratic narrative is collapsing. This is happening so fast that it is often difficult to keep up. Several things are developing, simultaneously, that are guaranteed to rock the political landscape. This would already be happening if the MSM was not desperately trying to cover-up everything Biden. But that cover-up is unraveling, and the protective barrier is breaking down. It is now only a matter of time, and not much time.

The attached article, from the Associated Press, is just one example of leaks in the protective barrier. While the Biden administration and the MSM parrots are shrieking that the January 6th, 2021, protests was an armed insurrection, equal in seriousness to the civil war, the facts are getting in the way of the narrative. So far, other than in outrageous statements made by prominent Democrats and RINOs like Liz Cheney, swallowed whole by the MSM, no one has actually been charged with conspiracy, or sedition or treason. Not even close.

Are Jan. 6 rioters traitors? So far, criminal charges say no (

There were some participants in this event who said incredibly stupid things. For example, read the statements attributed to Thomas Caldwell:

He has been charged alongside other members and associates of the far-right Oath Keepers extremist group with conspiring to block the vote certification.

He later boasted in a message to a friend about grabbing an American flag, joining the crowd that surged toward the Capitol and saying, “let’s storm the place and hang the traitors.” The 65-year-old from Virginia told his friend, “If we’d had guns I guarantee we would have killed 100 politicians.”

If you want information about the Oath Keepers, here is a link to their website. You decide if this is a far-right extremist group.  Guardians of the Republic – Oath Keepers

One notes that they didn’t have guns. Another guy, Guy Reffitt, allegedly spoke of “dragging … people out of the Capitol by their ankles” He was one of the few people armed and was carrying a gun and wearing body armor. Even he put a different perspective on this when he wrote:  “If overthrow (of the government) was the quest,” Reffitt wrote about Jan. 6, “it would have no doubt been overthrown.” In addition to be incredibly stupid, because no one on January 6th, 2021, was remotely capable of overthrowing the government, it is an admission that this was never even the plan.

It is unlikely that anyone will be charged with a truly serious crime including treason or sedition. Some people will be charged, with things like trespass or in the case of Mr. Reffitt with entering a restricted building with a deadly weapon. But it is increasingly obvious that there was not even an attempt at insurrection. Just a handful of people who got over-heated and said and did dumb things.

Another shoe is about to drop and that is the result of election audits, particularly in Arizona. There are increasing reports that these will be beyond explosive. That would explain why they are spending so much time verifying everything. If solid proof is provided that not only was there massive fraud, but it was also more than enough to change the ultimate results, that changes everything. Even the MSM will take notice. There will be an immediate attempt to discredit the audit, but ultimately that may only increase its credibility.

Now combine this with runaway inflation, skyrocketing gas prices and a President Biden who looks increasingly inept. To make things even more impossible, no one in either party is suggesting it is time for Kamala to take over, because she is even worse. People are just now realizing the amount of freedom we all surrendered because of COVID 19. If the government tries to reinstate some of this, they will be playing with fire. California is now demanding that all students wear a mask for in person learning. I doubt seriously that this will be well received.

The government is simultaneously telling us the vaccine, developed primarily because of the leadership of Donald Trump, is the only thing protecting us, but even if you are vaccinated you still have to act as if you are not. The only solution to this is to force people who do not want the vaccine, who do not think they need the vaccine and who fear the vaccine may have dangerous side effects, to get the vaccine anyway. But, even after being forced to get the vaccine, it won’t matter, because there will always be some people who remain unvaccinated. If this does not make any sense to you, it is because it does not make any sense.

In the meantime, the people in Cuba are trying to finally get rid of the communist government that destroyed their country. We should not underestimate this. Wanna be socialists in the United States often point to universal health care in Cuba as an example of how communism did some good things. The problem is that healthcare in Cuba is a hot mess and part of the reason all those people are protesting.

Things are really heating up. Just imagine if the American people are confronted with overwhelming evidence that Joe Biden is president only because of a corrupt election that was covered up by the DNC and the MSM.  That not only did they cover that up, but they also tried to silence anyone who dared even raise the possibility of a problem. There is nothing in our constitution that addresses this. There is no process to do a recall or even to “de-certify” results, even if they are proven to be fraudulent. We are already steaming toward a 2022 election that is likely to be a political bloodbath for Democrats. But the next Presidential election isn’t until 2024. It is far from certain that Joe Biden will even be alive by then and few would predict that his senility would not have advanced to the point of no return. No one wants Kamala. Just recently she insulted minorities by saying they couldn’t be required to have Voter ID because they didn’t have access to xerox machines. There was bi-partisan booing. She is one of the few people capable of making Joe Biden look good in comparison.

I doubt seriously that there is any potential that Donald Trump will be reinstated as President. But we are close to the point where somebody must do something. When Abraham Lincoln won the Presidency no one in either party thought he was up to the job. His own cabinet prepared to do the governing and planned to reduce him to a place holder. Remember that he was not even the featured speaker at Gettysburg, they only invited him because they had to reluctantly include him in the program. But Lincoln was far more capable than they imagined, and they ended up following his leadership. Joe Biden is no Abraham Lincoln.

Each of Biden’s attempts at a press conference ends up only showcasing his ineptitude. They also reek of desperation. He is pleading with people to believe him, while telling absurd lies that even he doesn’t believe. He is literally trying to argue that the Texas Voting rights legislation is pure Jim Crow, worse than the civil war. Only truly desperate left-wing anchors on the MSM are even pretending this is logical. Watch for more and more MSM reporters to start deserting the Biden Administration narrative. When the ship of state is so clearly headed toward the shoals, wise people abandon ship.

The Biden administration is headed toward an epic fall. That is no longer even up to debate. The question is when? The more important question is what happens after the fall?


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