NO. 2

It is increasingly clear that something must be done about Joe Biden. The problems are beyond obvious. But it is also becoming clear that no one, in either party, is excited about turning things over to Kamala Harris. At least Joe has the excuse of age and senility. There is no such excuse for her. Today we may have seen further evidence of this and potentially tentative steps toward a strategy to deal with the Kamala problem first, paving the way for a solution to the Joe problem. Politico, which has become very liberal, published a major hit piece on her. Not only that, but they did research dating back to her Presidential campaign.

‘Not a healthy environment’: Kamala Harris’ office rife with dissent – POLITICO

The New York Post went a step further. Their headline reads as follows:

Report claims Kamala Harris’ staff feels they are ‘treated like s–t’ (

She’s No. 2: Report claims Kamala Harris’ staff feels they are ‘treated like s–t’

The Number two here does not refer to her position in line to the Presidency.

It is shocking that Politico would write this article about a liberal Democrat female VP. This really doesn’t pull any punches and it is unlikely Politico would have published this without a wink and a nod from the real DNC establishment. One will note that this doesn’t mean Politico is secretly joining the Trump parade. Far from it. What it does mean is that the problems regarding Kamala have gone public and we can expect more of this. Watch closely to see if any prominent Democrats start rising to her defense. One would think that a liberal Democratic woman, particularly the first woman of color, to be VP would be quickly defended. But that does not seem to be happening. Instead, I am seeing articles saying that most Americans blame her for the border problems. That seems a bit unfair, even to me, because this problem was created by Biden, and he just dumped it on her because he has no clue how to fix things. But again, I look around for the Kamala Harris faithful and so far, they are few and far between. Oh, the usual suspects in magazines like Vogue are still gushing, but they aren’t exactly talking about any accomplishments. On the other hand, there appears to be an effort to elevate Nurse Jill to second in command. She is the one, not Kamala, going to the Olympic games.

This is impossible to predict, but things are definitely changing, and we should all pay attention. One will recall that before Democrats took out Richard Nixon, they took out Spiro Agnew. He was replaced with Gerald Ford, who the Democrats considered to be a competent caretaker but not really a threat. They were right about that, as he was beaten by Jimmy Carter.

One problem for Democrats is that they don’t have a bench. The only name that Republicans would probably consider would be Joe Manchin and it is not clear he could get support from enough Democrats. Once again, this is a reminder that Democrats are caught in a trap they constructed themselves. In the meanwhile, every time the world turns, it exposes another serious problem Democrats created all by themselves. It turns out that doing everything exactly the opposite of what Donald Trump did or would do is not necessarily a plan for success. Trump had and has, his issues, but some of his plans, like regarding the border and the economy were working pretty well. If Democrats were smart, they would have just done the same thing and repackaged it as their own idea. That is what they did with the vaccine distribution, and it is the only thing close to being a success. But then, one would have to do a lot of research to find an establishment Democrat capable of logic and common sense. Seen one lately? Anyone?

Put this in the context of the rapid public disclosure of systemic problems with the 2020 election. Ironically, the knee jerk decision to suspend Rudy Giuliani’s law license may just be the straw that breaks the camels back. The problem is that in making this decision they relied on specific allegations of Rudy Giuliani lying about the 2020 election, when the opposite is true. Giuliani has his issues, like stupidly dying his hair only to have it “leak” on national TV and occasionally speaking when it appears he may have had a couple. But he is a brilliant attorney, and his legal filings will withhold scrutiny. In other words, while Rudy did not tell any lies in his legal arguments on behalf of Donald Trump, those trying to destroy him are telling lies. That might work, if the only coverage was by CNN, but this will be elevated to real courts, with real judges who will make real decisions and the facts all support Rudy. So, about the same time those who took this unprecedented and illegal action against Giuliani will be exposed we will also be dealing with the results of the Arizona audit. The only thing worse than having a President as obviously incompetent as Joe Biden is if people are confronted with the reality that people cheated to put him there.

This is a time when Democrats desperately need a real leader to step forward. Instead, they keep pushing out Joe and trying to hide Kamala. This is unlikely to end well for them.