Everyone in California is looking forward to June 15, 2021. That is the date, according to Governor Newsom, that California will fully reopen. No one has provided a good scientific explanation for why it will be safe to stop wearing a mask on June 15, 2021, but dangerous and irresponsible to stop wearing a mask now. Just recently Sacramento County Supervisors walked out of a Board Meeting because they were outraged that some people were not wearing masks:

‘It’s Disconcerting’: Sacramento County Supervisors Walk Out Of Board Meeting After Heated Exchange Over Mask-Wearing (

This made national news:

It’s disconcerting to look out in the audience and see so many people flagrantly ignoring the requirements,” said Supervisor Patrick Kennedy during the meeting.

He then, whether he realized it or not, took a shot at Governor Newsom:

“I don’t care if you’re in the public chambers, at the bus, or if you’re at the French Laundry. You wear a mask,” continued Kennedy.

Newsom, famously, was caught eating at the French Laundry without a mask.

Then Cal OSHA decided that people still had to wear a mask at work unless everyone was vaccinated. The backlash was so overwhelming that they are already backing off, a little.

Cal-OSHA’s New Workplace Mask Guidelines Lead To Confusion For Some Employers – CBS Los Angeles (

This is so bad that even the local CBS station noticed. Now that is true evidence of a miracle. It is evidence that fewer and fewer people are buying this mask nonsense anymore.

It is increasingly obvious that a lot of Democrats are terrified at the prospect of seeing people shred masks. Some of them are probably sincere, firmly convinced that masks somehow, miraculously, prevent the spread of COVID. Others may be motivated by the loss of control. Masks were a symbol of the government’s ability to micromanage our lives. Just think about this. A little over one year ago if a government had tried to tell you where and when you could go anywhere, what you had to wear and how you had to act this would have been received with anger, disgust, and rebellion. The only thing that changed was the COVID 19 scare, supported by the MSM and people like doctor Fauci. We now know that much of what we were told was a lie. COVID 19 is a nasty disease, but so are a lot of other diseases. But the way we handled it was very different. This started with lying about existing treatments like zinc and hydroxychoroquine. People were literally told this could kill you. It was compared with drinking bleach. This was always described as a deadly pandemic. The facts, even using overstated statistics, show the opposite.

There have been 3,798,053 cases of Covid 19 in California. There have been a total of 63,586 reported deaths. That is a fatality rate of 1.67%. There have been 33,547,199 cases in the US, with 604,113 deaths. That is a fatality rate of 1.8%. There have been 174,128,069 cases in the world, with 3,750,197 deaths. That is a fatality rate of 2.8%

Everyone who has done any research quickly notices that most of the U.S. deaths involved people who had some other potentially fatal health condition. The CDC recently said that only in 6% of the deaths was COVID the sole cause. While every death is tragic and we should all respect life, these numbers simply do not support the myth that COVID was a deadly pandemic, and all the draconian measures were totally worth the cost. I think ultimately more people may die because of COVID restrictions than from COVID, because people stopped getting tests like mammograms and often postponed surgery.

But if you watched any news cast, for most of the time from March 2020 to around April 2021, it always started with the COVID 19 case count and the death toll. That has now changed. Today this is barely mentioned. Most of this is because of the vaccines which we only have because of the leadership of Donald Trump. Remember when Biden and Harris said they would never trust a vaccine developed while Trump was President? Now Biden is taking credit for the vaccine he was trashing last fall. He is doing everything possible to get people to take the vaccine, even people who have little risk from COVID 19.

In theory, California will officially put COVID 19 behind us next Tuesday. There are already signs of people taking their masks off. While most people are still wearing a mask while shopping at Walmart or Home Depot, some are not, and that number is increasing. Incredibly some people are still wearing masks while walking outside. Amazing. Of course one still has to wear a mask while in an airport or on a plane, although numerous studies show this is unnecessary.

If Newsom keeps his promise and California reopens on June 15, 2021, one of two things will happen. Either there will be a resurgence of COVID or there not. I certainly do not expect one during the summer months. My prediction is that any surge will come, conveniently, just before the recall election. Newsom will use his emergency powers, again, to save us all from COVID. But if he does that it may backfire. The most contagious thing in the world is freedom. Once people experience it, again, they will be confronted with how bad it was when the government was micromanaging our lives.

At the same time, Joe Biden is literally embarrassing himself on his trip to the G7. This is so bad that at least some people must be desperate for a solution. Normally, it would be any lifeboat in a storm. But this lifeboat is called the Kamala Harris and she is one of the few people capable of making Joe Biden look competent in comparison. So, in addition to removing the masks from the American people, we are also removing the masks hiding the incompetence of the Biden Administration. There are already reports of inflation at 6.5%, which is the highest it has been since 1982. Everyone is going to notice because the cost of everything is going up. If you can save up enough money to buy gas so you can go grocery shopping, but you may not have enough left to buy groceries. If you do have enough money, there will still be a huge problem with shortages. Thanks Joe.


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