Democrats have been dreaming of turning Texas blue since forever. They thought they had their chance in the 6th congressional district in Northern Texas. Ron Wright won election last fall by a healthy margin. Unfortunately, he died before taking office. Democrats and RINO Republicans attacked. Here was their chance. It wasn’t even close. Democrats really thought they had a shot, because there were 23, yes 23 candidates.  Two Republicans polled high enough to compete in the run-off election. The closest Democrat, Jane Lynne Sanchez came in a distant third. Over 60 percent of the district voted for a Republican.

Donald Trump endorsed Susan Wright, the widow of Ron Wright, who came in first. Second place went to Jake Ellzey, also a Republican. The anti-Trump segment, endorsed by Adam Kinzinger, who has the coat tails of a nude mouse, came in way, way back.

Not that Democrats didn’t try, they even accused Susan Wright of killing her husband by giving him COVID 19. Just when you thought Democrats couldn’t go any lower, they keep digging.

Once again Democrats were reading their own press releases and ignoring reality. If you watch the MSM and read any of their biased polls, you probably think Joe is doing GREAT! He isn’t. He is stinking up the joint and the majority of Americans, who refuse to watch the MSM, know that. After the State of the Union speech, CBS did an instant poll of viewers. It showed that Joe hit it out of the park. They reported that 85% of viewers loved it.  Not only that, 74% of them thought Joe’s policies would help them.

Eighty-five per cent of viewers approved of Biden’s speech, poll shows (

There was just one problem. They polled about 1,000 people who actually watched the entire speech, staying awake through the entire ordeal. Only 169 of those people happened to be Republican. Not only does this show that the poll was hopelessly biased, but it also showed who was and more importantly, who not watching Joe mumble his way through the dullest State of the Union address on record:

OBVIOUS BIAS: CBS poll gave huge approval rating to Biden speech by including only 169 Republicans out of 1,000 respondents | The Post Millennial

Perhaps I am wrong, but it seems as if only 16.9% of people who watched were Republicans, and 85% of people thought It was great, Biden’s entire support base apparently comes from the limited gene pool still willing to watch CBS and pretend this is reporting.

Quietly, at least some Democratic strategists did see this, and they also saw the results of that Special election and promptly threw up. Let me remind you of what the experts were reporting as of April 30, 2021:

They described it as the best hope for Democrats in 2021. They called this a district transforming from red to pink. They predicted, correctly, that Susan Wright would come in first. But they though Sanchez, the Democrat, would come in second. Nailed that one.

Although the MSM didn’t notice, many of Biden’s applause lines were actually plagiarized from Donald Trump.  That should not surprise anyone paying attention, because Biden had been plagiarizing people from the start of his un-illustrious political career. That, is of course, only when he is not flat out lying. Now the MSM is even trying to pretend that Operation Warp Speed was a failure and Biden saved the day with his progressive leadership. This proves that some of those CNN anchors, despite the bias, have tremendous skill, because they said this with a straight face.

Of course, Democrats never get it. The LA Times ran an article admitting that Governor Newsom is in deep trouble and likely to be recalled.

Letters to the Editor: Recall foes are seriously mistaken if they think Newsom can coast to victory (

Of course, they printed the following at the bottom of the article:

“To the editor: I just read that this recall will cost taxpayers up to $400 million. It would be reasonable that those who want to remove Newsom from office should pay for this election. Why should those who do not want to recall our governor have to pay for it?

Do we not realize what we could do with $400 million? We could build housing for homeless people, pay teachers more or restore music and other classes for our children that have been lost because of funding cuts.”

That’s it. Money would be better spent building housing for the homeless, paying teachers more and restoring classes we can’t afford because of paying teachers.

They eyes have it and no amount of spin by the MSM is effective at hiding it. A lot of us are seeing this with our own eyes and yes, it is obvious. The Biden administration is a sad joke. We are the laughingstock of the entire world. And while the MSM is still drinking and spitting out the KoolAid, the rest of us don’t find this even slightly amusing.

By the way, when you are queuing up this summer, waiting to purchase $5 gas at service stations that are running on empty remember this. Joe Biden totally got 80 million votes, and everyone is absolutely thrilled with his performance, not. But, at least you will be safe,  because you will still need to wear a worthless mask.


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