Each of us should do two things immediately. First, get on our knees, and thank God and Mitch McConnell that Merrick Garland is not on the U.S. Supreme Court. Second, while on your knees pray for the people living in Minneapolis and Louisville who will pay a terrible price because he is the Attorney General.

We already know the results. Any place where the Obama administration “investigated” policing, the violent crime rate skyrocketed. This is inevitable for several reasons.  One is that even if this investigation was fair and balanced, it will distract from the mission of those police departments. Another is that there is zero chance it will be fair and balanced. But the biggest problem is that we are stripping police departments of the thing they need most, the ability to respond immediately to serious problems. Every police officer will get the word. Dot all your “I”s, double check everything, require and demand management approval before taking any action. Murder in progress, not your problem, repeat all the above, write it down and get signatures. The worse the situation the more the need for direct management involvement and approval. Think “Ruby Ridge” repeated over and over again.

Such approval will be delayed because management doesn’t want to make a mistake either. In many cases management will simply say wait, or not now. Not enough documented facts or evidence.

Let me give an example. Someone reports an angry man waving a gun. Instead of just responding, more questions will be asked. The first question will be regarding race. If it is a white man, then less care is necessary. If it is a black man, then this will be considered extremely high risk, for the police. White people are shot by police all the time. But you don’t know that because no one even reports their name. But if a black man is shot, it is a national emergency without regard to the facts. Police will not be dispatched until everything is ready, fully documented and signed off by management. If there are people getting killed, that will not change the response time, it may even slow it down.  Police with not search anyone or anything without probable cause. Even then, they will wait for authorization, which may or may not come. Minor crimes will not be prosecuted or even investigated. Why bother? Too much risk for police with little if any reward.

This is great if you are a criminal. But if you are a law abiding citizen, not so much. We have seen this before, with disastrous consequences. There are reports that Bill Clinton had several opportunities to kill Bid Laden. But in each case the chain of command was too slow to response. And, in one case, Clinton allegedly refused to give authorization because he was playing golf. It is hard to evaluate the accuracy of these reports, but they have the ugly odor of truth.

Crimes rates already soaring through the roof in every major metropolitan area run by Democrats. We still have racist policing in Baltimore, although it appears as though every civic official involved is black. Check out Ferguson, Missouri, where Eric Holder did a similar investigation. It has worked brilliantly.

Ferguson, MO Crime Rates and Statistics – NeighborhoodScout

The violent crime rate is 10.57, in the rest of Missouri, it is 4.95. The national median is 4. In Ferguson, the property crime rate is 48.77.  The national median is 21.  This is “AFTER” Ferguson got help from Eric Holder and crew. Odds are the Merrick Garland era will produce even more drastic and worse results. Would you want to be a police officer working in this environment? Even more important, would you want to live there? There was a recent shooting in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Here is what we already know about that. Pasquotank County Sheriffs were serving an arrest and search warrant on the home of Andrew Brown, Jr.

“This is an arrest surrounding felony drug charges,” Chief Deputy Daniel Fogg said in a video statement. “Mr. Brown was a convicted felon with a history of resisting arrest. Our training and our policies indicate under such circumstances, there is a high risk of danger.”

Mr. Brown tried to flee the scene in a car. Police fired at the vehicle, killing him.

There are massive crowds gathering demanding to see the body cam footage. We can guarantee that the MSM will report this in a way most damaging to the police. Seven deputies were placed on leave, and three resigned. The three who resigned were not even involved in the incident. Ben Crump, who got millions representing the George Floyd family against Minneapolis is already on the scene. He is already calling this an execution. Beyond predictable. Here is one of the other attorney’s said:

“I want to destroy the system that puts us in this position,” said Bakari Sellers, another attorney for Brown’s family. “I want to make sure that in the state of North Carolina they can no longer hide videos from individuals that need to see them. … Sunshine is the best disinfectant.”

Next time police try to apprehend a violent suspect and he tries to flee, what should they do?  Let him go? If they do that, he is very likely to commit more violent crimes. But if they try to stop him, they better do it exactly right, or they will be subject to criminal prosecution themselves. They will also be subject to Merrick Garland’s crew showing up and micromanaging the process. Ironically, this attempt to end systemic racism is guaranteed to make policing totally racist. The people who will pay the highest price are those who liberals are pretending to embrace.

In the meantime, be grateful that Merrick Garland is only Attorney General, a position from which he can and eventually will be fired. If he were on the Supreme Court, we would be serving under a life sentence.


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