Although the MSM would have you believe that 2020 was the safest and most secure election in our nation’s history, they are not fooling anyone. I should rephrase that; they are not fooling anyone but the traditional KoolAid drinking leftists. I should rephrase again; they are not fooling anyone but the people who believe hard core leftists. I suspect that even the DNC establishment knows it is obvious they stole this election. That is why they fight so hard against any audits. That is why they passed HR1. It is also why they are boycotting Georgia for putting in election controls. They are terrified at the possible results if we run a truly safe and secure election.

According to Rasmussen, who is more accurate than most polling firms, more than half of all voters believe it is likely that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 election. An astonishing 61% of voters support voter ID laws. Democrats are swimming against the current on this. That begs the question: why do it then? The obvious answer is the same as above, they are terrified about the prospects for 2022.

Election Integrity: 62% Don’t Think Voter ID Laws Discriminate – Rasmussen Reports®

This reminds me of the Hershel Walker trade. Easily the worst trade in the history of the NFL. Perhaps the worst trade in the history of professional sports. On October 12, 1989, the Dallas Cowboys traded Hershel Walker, one of the best running backs in the history of the NFL to Minnesota. Dallas was horrible, with and without Walker. The Minnesota Vikings thought they were one player away from a SuperBowl.  The Cowboys got LB Jesse Solomon, LB David Howard, CB Isaac Holt, DE Alex Steward, Minnesota’s 1st, 2nd, and 6th round pick in 1990. Minnesota’s 1st, 2nd, round pick in 1991. Minnesota’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick in 1992. Minnesota got Hershel Walker, and Dallas’s 3d round pick in 1990. They also got San Diego’s 5th round pick in 1990, Dalla’s 10th round pick in1990 and Dallas’s 3rd round pick in 1991.

So, what did Dallas get with those picks:  RB Emmitt Smith, DB Stan Smagala, DT Russell Maryland, RB Alonzo Highsmith, CB Kevin Smith, CB Clayton Homes.

The Vikings lost in the 1989 Division Playoffs to San Francisco. The Dallas Cowboys won three SuperBowls. This was so bad and so obvious that ESPN produced a film called “The Great Trade Robbery.”

Walker started GREAT for Minnesota, running for 148 yards against the Packers. But the rest of the season was only so-so. Walker only played two more years. He was a great player, but one player does not make a team.

Minnesota Vikings fans are still furious about this trade. The point being that the Vikings though they were stealing the one player they needed to win a SuperBowl. Instead, they got years of disappointment while watching Dallas run the table. The fans, who were not responsible for this decision, had a serious case of non-buyer’s remorse. They never forgave Mike Lynn for making this decision. He resigned as General Manager of the Viking in 1990 and became President of the World Football League. Anyone remember the World Football League? Exactly.  In December 1991 he was part of a group that bought the Minnesota Vikings, two months later his new partners bought him out. As far as I can tell, his career as an NFL General Manager never recovered. Although Mike Lynn is dead he is arguably less popular in Minnesota than Devin Chauvin the police officer on trial for allegedly killing George Floyd.

Today, the American people are looking at the disaster known as the Biden-Harris Administration. This is so bad that even Harris has stopped calling it the Biden-Harris Administration in a failed attempt to avoid blame.  Joe appointed her Border Czar and she promptly had her staff saying she wasn’t actually in charge. When your own VP is running for cover, that is not a good sign.  I doubt that very many people either in the MSM or the DNC are fooled by this. They know Joe Biden is an unmitigated disaster and he is seeking and taking advice from the few people on this planet more incompetent than him. There is zero chance this will work out. We already know about the problems on the border. But there is more, much more. China is threatening to invade Taiwan, something they would never have considered previously, even when someone as weak as Obama was in the White House. They didn’t even hint at this when Trump was President and he ignored China and sent Taiwan some very serious weapons.  Russia is threatening Ukraine. They invaded Crimea under Obama’s watch, and he did nothing. They didn’t even attempt something like this with Trump. Trump also sent important weapons to Ukraine. Now, with Biden in charge, both China and Russia are gearing up for action.

No one, and I do mean no one, with an ounce of credibility can take Joe Biden seriously about anything. That might be ok if he had a competent Shadow Government, but he doesn’t. He is doing and saying things that are brilliant at offending almost everyone. Have you noticed how much the cost of groceries have increased since January? Have you checked out gas prices? When you do get to go to the restaurant, be prepared for serious stick shock. Everything and I do mean everything is increasing in price. That is why the Biden Administration is so desperate to send out more stimulus checks. But they are very close to running out of money if that has not already happened. Soon and very soon every person in the country will feel the financial effects of the disaster that is the Biden administration. Just in time for Joe to propose new Taxes. There is zero chance this will work. There is less chance that the American people will be pleased.

The problem is compounded by the knowledge that not only is Joe Biden unbelievably bad, but Democrats also gamed the system to inflict this disaster on us. Don’t be surprised if we start seeing more and more Democrats start to distance themselves from both the 2020 election and Joe Biden. Even rats know when to get off board a sinking ship. Although Joe Biden has been in office for less than three months, the stench of failure is permeating the atmosphere. If you accidentally watched the MSM recently, you probably have noticed something. At least some reporters are turning on Biden, and few are even pretending that he is doing a great job. Some report, using real skill and restraint, with a straight face, but the effusive and undeserved praise is already a thing of the past.  Non-Buyers Remorse is already here and even people who actually did vote for Joe Biden have to be very disappointed. Celebrating the departure of Donald Trump is not that satisfying when his replacement is stinking up the field. It is even less amusing when you, like the majority of other Americans, didn’t actually vote for this.


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