As a combat crew member flying missions in Vietnam, I was sent to Jungle Survival school in the Philippines. It was an amazing experience. They dropped us off in the middle of nowhere five miles from the border with beyond. I always thought of the jungle as flat with lots of monkeys and people like Tarzan swinging from vines. At least this part of the jungle was extremely hilly. The only animals we saw were birds, rats, and snakes. But we also encountered something else, the Negrito. This is a Spanish diminutive of negro, used to mean “little black people.” They are now thought to be one of the earliest inhabitants of the Philippines. They are indeed black, and they are small. They seldom grow more than 4’8” tall. The USAF, in its wisdom, decided to drop us off in their backyard. Then they bribed them, with rice, to hunt us down. If they captured one of us, they got a reward. But they were nice and friendly people. I still have a Bolo knife that I bought from a friendly Negrito. He had made it by grinding down a spring from an abandoned army vehicle. They were also very smart and deadly.

So, I set off, in this very dangerous and unrecognizable world, to find a hiding spot safe from the most skilled hunters on this planet. For example, the Negitos used to sneak into Japanese barracks and cut the throat of every other man. The USAF hired them to guard B52s. Then some genius General decided these planes should only be guarded by USAF personnel, so they fired the Negritos. For the next week, every morning, the guards woke up to find the word BOMB written on the B52s landing gear tires. They rehired the Negritos and the world returned to normal.

So, I opted for comfort instead. I picked the first open place I found. Strung up my jungle hammock between two trees and settled down for the night. The next morning, to my surprise, I had not been captured. I suspect that the spot I chose was so obvious that all the Negritos assumed someone else had already got me. If captured, we were to give up a chit, so the Negrito could get their reward. Everyone else in my group was captured. I was the only one who still had my chit. Some of them were captured after a long night of misery. One guy decided to camp out under a large bush, which turned out to be a rat’s nest.  Nice! Another one camped on top of a very steep ridge. He was terrified of falling off the edge, so he tied himself to a tree with a rope. But, in the middle of the night, he felt the urge, so got up, untied the rope, and promptly fell off a cliff. The rest of us heard the search and rescue helicopters trying to find him in the dark. He did live but was seriously injured. Another “friend” found a snake that looked interesting. He killed the snake and put it in a paper bag to bring back to base camp. He ran into some Negritos so decided to show them the snake. When he dropped the snake out of the bag, he found out it was still alive. The Negritos took one look at the snake and ran away. That should have been a clue. But nope, this genius “killed” the snake again, put it back in the paper sack and carried it back to base camp. When he arrived, two days later, he wanted to show his instructor the snake, so he dropped it out of the paper sack. The snack came to life once more. This time the instructor immediate shot it, ending all nine of the snakes lives. It turned out to be a Bamboo Pit Viper. They are not very big, but very venomous.

The point being that having a lot of people hunting for you is not all that fun, although it can result in some amusing stories. No one is being more hunted today than Hunter Biden. His problem is that rather than staying out of the limelight and hoping no one notices, he is writing books and agreeing to interviews. The results have been catastrophic, and this has the serious potential of making Joe Biden look even worse, if that is remotely possible. While the MSM in the U.S. continues to shy away from this, the Daily Mail, UK shows no such restraint. The following article shows just how bad this is and how everyone else in the world is laughing at us:

What Hunter Biden left OUT of his ‘tell-all’ memoir revealed | Daily Mail Online

I know everyone is beyond disgusted at the enormous damage already done by the Biden Administration. The good news is that this is so bad and so obvious that even the MSM is starting, slowly, to notice. If you were worried about Biden and his liberal left wacko supporters taking complete control and changing American forever, stop worrying. They simply lack the competence to pull this off. They are mucking things up so far that the disastrous results are increasingly impossible to ignore. Some of those people who support liberal left-wing ideas are not actually stupid, they just don’t realize they are digging their own grave. They don’t want the government to micromanage their lives either. Gee, you mean I have to wear a mask too?  Particularly when that government is as incompetent as the Biden Administration.

Some may wonder how to fight back. Fortunately, that also became obvious this week. Stop drinking Coke. Do not book a flight on Delta. Ignore the MLB. Boycott all those businesses that are already boycotting anyone who disagrees with them. They will soon learn something important. They need us, we don’t need them. If enough people stop buying, they will change, just like the NFL backed away from kneeling during the national anthem after they lost half their fans. This will be a challenge because I one for really like Coke. To me it is an American icon. But an American Icon out to destroy this country based on a blatantly false narrative is a bitter pill to swallow. As for me, things go better without Coke. My hunt is now for other products I can choose to not buy.


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