The FBI and the DOJ have been desperate to convict someone for insurrection regarding the Capitol protests. There is no doubt that some people broke the law and crossed the line. Those people should be charged. If they assaulted a police officer they should be charged. If they trespassed into the Capitol, they should be charged. But the theory that this was a plot to overthrow the government of the United States as part of a planned insurrection is absurd. It was absurd from day one. It was clear that very little damage was done to the Capitol, there is no evidence of anyone physically threatening any politician, there were no firearms involved or even confiscated. There were no bombs. The most lethal weapon used by protestors appears to have been bear spray.

Yet the FBI apparently dropped everything else and went on a nationwide man(woman) hunt for insurrectionists. People were arrested with flourish, in some cases including swat teams. Yet so far, they don’t have a shred of evidence supporting an insurrection, by anyone. There is, however, evidence of both the FBI and the DOJ blatantly ignoring facts. It is worse than that, they are lying about the evidence and deliberately withholding exculpatory evidence to the defense.

A lead defendant appears to be Proud Boy Ethan Nordean. A lot of people in the MSM would have you believe that Proud Boys is a well-organized white supremacist terrorist group that is a clear and present danger. There is little if any evidence of that. As far as I can tell, Proud Boys is deliberately not white supremacists, the leader is a person of color. They appear to view themselves as vigilante protectors of people threatened by  groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa. They poke the bear and get into confrontations. But I don’t know of any incident where the Proud Boys attacked anyone other than when confronting people, they consider to be violent protestors.

I am not a fan of Proud Boys; I am certainly not a member and don’t know anyone from the organization. I believe that they insert themselves, unnecessarily, into situations where this increases the potential for violence.  But that does not make them white supremacists and it does not make them terrorists. But there are a lot of people desperate to make you believe that. Joe Biden mentioned Proud Boys as a white supremacist group, and the MSM gleefully repeated this ridiculous assertion.

Now the DOJ, with the help of the FBI is desperate to put Proud Boy Ethan Nordean in prison for life. They tried, and failed, to get him remanded with no bail. He was arrested on February 3, and the DOJ has tried to get him detailed until trial, which probably won’t happen until 2022. He is currently on house arrest.  The evidence is so thin that the Chief Magistrate Judge of the Western District of Washington refused to do that. So did Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell.

Here is What the Media Isn’t Reporting About the Government’s Flimsy Case Against Proud Boy Ethan Nordean (

According to this article the judge said there was not even an allegation that the defendant caused injury to any person or that he personally caused damage to any particular property. The reported allegations by the FBI are absurd. He was accused of using encrypted chats on January 6th, to direct people to invade the Capitol. It turns out he didn’t even have his cell phone with him, because the battery was dead. The FBI knew this, because they had his phone, but they refused to disclose this information to the defendant or the court. When pushed by the court, the government admitted they had evidence that Nordean’s phone was not used during the Capitol riots, but they ignored this. They accused him of having a fake passport, but it turned out to be a passport for his girlfriend’s former boyfriend, that she kept in her jewelry box.  They also ignored the fact that Norden had asked Michael Graves to perform for their group at their Airbnb around 3:30 to 4:00 p.m. on January 6th. Was this supposed to be a concert to celebrate overthrow of the government? Please!

They have no evidence of Nordean damaging any property, instead they say that damage was done by other people. They even accused him of using a Baofeng radio. But he didn’t even get the Baofeng radio until January 7th, so he couldn’t possibly have used it. The Baofeng radio is a cheap Chinese radio that is very popular because of the price and because it can operate as a ham radio, an FRS radio, or a GMRS radio. A lot of people, such as ham radio operators, hate this radio and apparently it does not have full FCC approval.  The problem is that the Baofeng can operate on restricted frequency. But a lot of people have these radios. I even have one, it was a gift, although I have never used it.

The point being if Nordean is guilty of anything, other than loud protest, neither the FBI nor the DOJ seems to have any evidence supporting this assumption. That, of course, does not stop the MSM which “needs” the Capitol protests to be a conspiracy by Proud Boys or Oath Takers. Part of the reason for that is the need to distract from the all too real conspiracies by BLM and Antifa. The MSM is bad enough, but now it is increasingly difficult to have any credibility in either the DOJ or the FBI.

Ironically, the same people who ignore real and dangerous conspiracies that support their liberal left positions, are totally convinced of non-existent right-wing conspiracies. This reminds me of Hillary Clinton griping about the vast right-wing conspiracy against Bill and her. A conspiracy that did not and does not exist, other than in the delusional minds of those posing as reporters on CNN. And, by the way, apparently the leaders of the FBI and the DOJ.

The Capitol riots were not the result of an attempt to over-throw the government. It was a protest demanding that Congress do “something” about an election that was so clearly corrupt. But congress still pretends there was zero evidence of fraud at all, and this is just an unfounded conspiracy. The only real solution is to stop the nonsense, do a real investigation, and let the facts speak for themselves.

There was an incident with a car at the Capitol recently. Sadly, a Capitol Police officer was killed. The suspect was shot and killed after he got out of his car with a knife. It took a long time for the MSM to identify the suspect. Then they ignored the fact that he is a Muslim and a strong supporter of Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam. The stories about this event and the suspect are quickly fading into obscurity. If only he had been a right-wing, white supremacist, anti-Asian white guy carrying his Proud Boys membership card. This, this would have really mattered. In this case Proud goeth before a fall, because it is increasingly obvious that Proud Boys, were not involved in this situation at all, and at worst, are not remotely capable of pulling off some kind of weird insurrection.


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