Have you ever noticed something? Every time the government tries to raise taxes, it is always to pay for the same things. If they want to raise property taxes it is always to fund sports or music programs. If they want to raise gas taxes, it is always to rebuild our roads and infrastructure. This never really happens, because even if government does use these funds for these purposes, they will spend previously allocated money elsewhere.

This bait and switch goes on all the time. The reason is obvious. We would be disgusted at some of the things for which our tax dollars are spent. We would be furious if the increase in property taxes went primarily to fund the teachers union. In fact, we would be furious at a lot of thing purchased at our expense.

Now Joe Biden is proposing spending trillions to build infrastructure. How many times have we heard about taxes being spent to increase funding on infrastructure? But it never seems to get done, because sure enough, we need more infrastructure spending again.

Now Democrats are looking for new and exciting ways to tax you. They will start by increasing corporate income taxes from 21% to 28%. They will ignore the inconvenient fact that when Trump decreased those taxes, the economy took off. This may look like a small increase, but that is not true. Increasing corporate taxes from 21% to 28% is a 33% increase. Businesses will move from states with high business tax to lower tax states. Some of them will move overseas. Some of them will find other ways to cut expense. All of this will result in fewer jobs, lower wages, and higher prices. None of this has anything to do with building infrastructure.

We already pay gas tax. This is designed to have us pay tax according to how much we drive. But with all the electric cars and hybrids, people are using less gas. So now, led by Pete Buttigieg, the government wants to be more direct and tax us for every mile we travel. He backed off this proposal after even Biden realized this was stupid.

According to the reports the $2 trillion infrastructure plan doesn’t spend much money on infrastructure. This is so obvious that even the AP noticed. This is further evidence that the Biden honeymoon is officially over. In addition, people are starting to notice things, like the fact that 73% of people over age 65 have now been vaccinated. That means the people getting Covid are not getting very sick. This will soon become obvious to everyone. My prediction is that the government will end up with millions of doses of vaccine that no one wants. Odds are we will ship them, at our expense, overseas.

This is just in time for Biden to propose requiring a vaccine passport. In the meantime, neither Biden or Harris are going to visit the U.S. border and every time Kamala Harris opens her mouth, she reminds people of why she finished dead last in the Democratic Primary.

Oh, by the way, Joe Biden’s German Shepherd is still biting people and one of his dogs apparently dropped a load in the White House. This is fitting because the Biden administration has already been stinking up the joint.

In the meantime, Russia is massing troops at the border with Ukraine. Funny thing, this sort of thing never happened when Trump was in the White House. It did happen with George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Putin is obviously not impressed with Joe Biden.

There is so much stuff going on that things are going to happen. Many of the pet projects promoted by Democrats are wildly unpopular, even with Democrats. Now that Trump is out of the way and is no longer distracting the MSM, the attention is on Joe and his radical agenda. That is bad news for the Biden administration, but good news for us.

Change is on the way, sooner than anyone can imagine. There are more people cueing up for the 2022 primary elections than ships waiting to transit the Suez Canal. The problems with Biden are so obvious that even the Washington Post gave him four pinochles, for the numerous blatant lies he told about the Georgia election reform.  Everyone, and I do mean everyone who takes one honest look at Joe says: “when’s the next election?” No one is showing an ounce of excitement at the prospect of President Harris. They are already taxing our patience and, if allowed, will tax everything else.


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