As expected, the real reporting on the Biden press conference is just developing. Now there has been time for people to review what he said and compare it to reality. The lies and distortions were so obvious that even could not ignore them:

FactChecking Biden’s First Press Conference (

  • Biden claimed that former President Donald Trump “eliminated” over $700 million in aid that Biden helped get for Central American countries. That didn’t happen, but the Trump administration did reallocate some money and temporarily suspended other funding.
  • The president used the wrong statistics when saying that “nothing has changed” regarding “children” trying to enter the U.S. at the southern border. There was a significant 63% uptick in unaccompanied children being apprehended from January to February.
  • Biden said, “We’re sending back the vast majority of the families that are coming.” But in February, 41% of those in a family unit apprehended at the southern border were expelled.
  • The president said “over 50%” of Republican voters supported the American Rescue Plan Act. Some polls show that but others show a majority opposed the COVID-19 relief legislation.
  • He repeated two familiar talking points on taxes, including the misleading claim that “83%” of the benefits in the GOP’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are “going to the top 1%.” That only becomes the case in 2027 when most of the individual income tax cuts are set to expire but corporate tax cuts remain.
  • Biden got it wrong when he said there were five times as many cloture motions “last year alone” than there were “between 1917 and 1971.” There were twice as many motions filed last year than there were from 1917 through 1970.

This is a devastating rebuke of Joe Biden. We should not ignore the significance of this. During the Vietnam War Walter Cronkite gave a report upon his return from covering the Tet offensive. Almost everything he said was factually incorrect:

Final Words: Cronkite’s Vietnam Commentary : NPR

But when he said: “To say we are mired in a stalemate seems the only realistic, if unsatisfactory conclusion”, LBJ knew he was in serious trouble. When LBJ heard this, he said: “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.”

Later LBJ said, correctly, that the Tet Offensive had been a huge military failure for the Vietnamese communists. But it was too late. The damage was done. LBJ never recovered.

Yesterday, Joe Biden lost MSN and he lost The difference is that this time it is the truth, not a lie, that is causing the damage. A truth so obvious and so awful that it simply cannot be ignored.

One would think that the Democratic establishment would just be loudly promoting Kamala Harris. But there’s a problem. She is even worse, and they know it. It is time to start looking for rats on the move.

There are many stores about rats fleeing disaster. This probably started with rats deserting a house just before it collapsed. It was later extended to rats deserting a sinking ship. Now it often refers to people abandoning a failing enterprise.

The rats are already starting to desert the Biden-Harris ship. We will see more of them soon. While rats are truly disgusting creatures, sometimes watching them is a really good idea.


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